Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thoughts I've Been Pondering Since Viewing My Daily DVRed Episode of Oprah

  • I wonder if, before the show's final episode, producers will devote an entire hour solely to revisiting the changes to Oprah's appearance - specifically the different hairstyles - over the past 25 years. Because that would be AWESOME.
  • What would a member of the Jackson family have to do to be considered "the crazy one"? (My two cents: naming your son Jermajesty certainly puts you in the running.)
  • Isn't it ironic that the day Sean Cassidy emerges from pop star hibernation his half-brother (and arguably the bigger star) David is arrested for a DUI? Jealous bender there, big brother?
  • Can a group still call themselves, or at the least be referred to as, a boy band if three of the five members are suffering from a rapidly receding hairline?
  • New Kids on The Block and Backstreet Boys in concert. I would not turn away free tickets (shut up, haters - even Oprah was singing along).
  • I'm sure Peter Frampton is a talented musician and lovely human being, but he's not interesting enough to hold my interest over daunting piles of laundry.


Parker said...

Oh, Mrs.! You crack me up! It is amazing all the thoughts that will go through a person's head if they don't have to stop to talk about it!

Thanks for the laugh! And, while I am not a huge fan of Oprah...I would like to see a montage of her last 25 years!

The Page Turner said...

There is a montage of Oprah's hair. There was a boxed set for Oprah's Anniversary and I have it. I think it was 20 years. The Jackson questions is, What would a Jackson have to do to be considered the sane one. How would you complete this sentence: _________is the most normal of all the Jackson's.

The General said...

Janet (Miss Jackson if you're nasty!)

flag girl said...

I felt Oprah had to learn the words to backstreet boys for the show.....watching her camping trip, she isn't all that into music!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with you....Peter Frampton was Awesome! Gramma Poke

Grama JG said...

How normal can you be and name your child "Blanket"??!!
Michael...dead or does not get my vote!

Anonymous said...

YOu crack me up! I too watched her last week. Personally, I love Oprah! I think she is awesome and all that she does for people and am amazed at her hairdos and her weight loss and gain over the years. She has just accepted herself and I think that is totally amazing and awesome. She could have millions of surgeries, with her amount of money for weight loss but won't go there.


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