Monday, November 29, 2010

Little Miss Loves Carbon Hill

She told me so herself. Upon hearing this only a couple of hours before she was due to leave with the girls and me for a two day slumber party as her parents braved the Black Friday crowds, I immediately decided that I would have to amp up the fun factor.

Leaving P-Town, it was all smiles from the packed-liked-sardines passengers in the backseat.

It was past everyone's bedtime by the time we arrived at Casa de Carbon Hill and every attempt to play was thwarted. Following each redirection toward tooth brushing, bathroom break, and bed was a promise of ample leisure time the following day. I like to think I'm a fun aunt, but the girls needed their rest for the adventure I had planned for the following day. Plus, online shopping was calling my name and that's difficult to do with the roving eyes of gift recipients in close vicinity.

Naturally the girls were up at the crack of dawn on Friday, greeting The General energetically as he arrived home at 6:45 am following a sixteen hour work day. Following a gourmet breakfast of Kix and Rice Krispies, the girls spent the majority of the morning playing with My Little Ponies and The Little Pet Shop, coloring, and pulling together an imaginary restaurant where someone dramatically was arrested.

After a trip to the grocery store and lunch, I took advantage of the girls' ability to entertain themselves and cleaned the house. During that time they spent some time playing Just Dance (some with better displays of sportsmanship than others thanks to sleep deprivation *cough*punkin*cough*). . .

. . .and then retreated to a more mentally stimulating activity of puzzle building with the musical ambiance of Radio Disney thanks to the tunes being thrown down by DJ Snazzy Shortcake.

Just before 4 pm, we packed up and headed out for our big adventure of the day. Very few hints were provided and after MUCH guessing - only a mile from our intended destination - Punkin finally correctly identified the movie theater as our special treat. Little Miss was hoping for dessert initially, but she seemed excited at the prospect of attending her very first movie theater experience. While waiting in line to purchase our tickets, we were treated to an added bonus when we saw that their extended cousins Eleven and Twelve (with the Commissioner and Jackie) were also there to see Tangled.

90 minutes, three smuggled bags of M&Ms, several laughs, and four close calls of tears (happy, of course) later, we made a not-so-quick pit stop at the restrooms before heading on to Phase Two of our evening. Not that it's really relevant to this story, but I thought you might like to know that Punkin entertained every adult in the room when she very loudly announced that she peed a little bit and pooped a little bit too. It was about this time while juggling a purse and four coats while also attempting to assist the girls while they washed their hands in sinks not at all designed for little people when I seriously contemplated how my sister-in-law gets through a day with six children. AL will be rewarded greatly in Heaven I'm certain.

Three starved girls meant it was time for dinner. Is there a better way to cap off a night at the movies than a trip to Pizza Hut?

Apparently in this family that answer is a resounding no. Totally unplanned, we arrived at The Hut just after the Commissioner, Jackie, Eleven, and Twelve. It's possible that The General's extended family are in large part responsible for the long running success of Pizza Hut.

Following dinner, I took the insanity up a notch and decided to make one quick trip through Wal-Mart before heading home because apparently I am incapable of not participating in the hype of Black Friday. Bribery of a treat at the check-out worked like a charm and we made it in and out in record time.

Arriving home just before 9 pm, it was an instant go on the bedtime preparations. Once again bathroom breaks were taken, teeth were brushed, and three adorable blue eyed girls were tucked lovingly into their beds. Just as I was ready to place a kiss on the forehead of Little Miss, she showed that she is totally her mother's daughter when - following my observation that it had been a fun and busy day - she gleefully shot up from her place of slumber and announced, "And I still have energy!". Unfortunately for her I was not swayed by her enthusiasm and still declared it was time for bed. Checking in on them an hour later indicated that maybe they didn't have as much energy as they thought.

Saturday was met with a slightly later wake-up call to the sound of three girls making up songs about singing songs. Classic. They passed the time on Saturday with some dress-up, playing with the doll house, baths, and lunch and then we were out the door on our way to Bloomington to meet up with the rest of the family.

Have I mentioned before how incredibly happy it makes me that my girls have the opportunity to grow up living close to their cousins? I love that they have the chance to develop close relationships that they will continue to foster throughout their lives.

Oh, and Little Miss? Carbon Hill loves you too.


Tru Stories said...

She looks like she fits right in, as one of yours. Maybe you should just keep her. It's not like they are gonna notice.... they have a billion children over there!

The Sancken's said...

Oh wow can I tell who's child that is. It never ceases to amaze me how much they all look alike. And I would have to agree - 6 children = a locked in spot for Heaven. :)

Munchkin said...

my favorite part is that in ten 15 years when they're getting bailed out of jail together, we can pull out these pictures and go "look how innocent they were"

Tina said...

Could those girls have more fun together? It reminds me of a few little girls who used to do the same things...

you can call me al said...

Thanks for the awesome weekend recap! I finished reading it to Little Miss, and she immediately asked me to read it again. Thank you so much for hosting a Black Friday slumber party. LIttle Miss had an FANTASTIC time.

I totally agree with you . . .growing up with cousins is a blessing!


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