Thursday, November 11, 2010

In The Blink Of An Eye

This morning I groaned outwardly when the girls woke me up early on our day off of school and asked for me to make them breakfast.

While trying to get ready for our day, I was interrupted no less than ten times with constant calls of "Mommy" from three rooms away, and I was less than patient when tending to their needs.

In the car on the way to El Paso, I was annoyed with their loud volume and intermittent bickering over a toy.

Just as we were getting into the car to leave for our appointment for long overdue portraits of the girls, I fought back feelings of anger when Punkin tripped in a classic skin meets driveway spill leaving her brand new shoes scuffed and just unwrapped pair of tights torn to the point of destruction.

Back in the car on our way home, I had to raise my voice again when what started as a fun game turned into complaints, accusations, arguing, and general unruliness in the backseat.

Upon returning home I hurried them out of the car, rushed them through their bedtime routines, and quickly tucked them into bed so I could enjoy some time to myself.

One hour later, I learned that a co-worker's 16 year old son was in a terrible car accident on his way home from his girlfriend's house last night. This afternoon he passed away while his mother sat beside him holding his hand.

Life can change in an instant. In the course of our busy, hectic lives it's so easy to forgot to take a moment to just enjoy what we have, to be grateful for all that we have been blessed with even when those blessings sometimes have the capability to drive us crazy. It shouldn't take a tragedy like this one to remind me to hug my kids tighter, to give them my full attention when they ask for it, or to relish every moment I have with them. But starting right now, I will.


flag girl said...

Hit home.....Thanks for sharing!

Papa Poke said...

I'm sure glad you were able contain your anger, because if you hadn't I would have had to restrain my anger with you. You handled it well, dear daughter. Now, as far as your tires on the car are concerned when you left, um, not so much. You left a patch of burning rubber all the way to the cemetery. I love you so much, Amanda. Thank you for reminding us all of how fragile we, and life, really are. I'll never forget what Punkin said - "All I wanted to do was give you a hug..." In this complex, tension-filled world, wouldn't it be a bit of peace to always see things through that lens?

Doc said...

So tru. Thanks Mrs. and Papa Poke

Tina said...

Great post. A co-worker of mine just lost her step-son and three grandsons in a tragic plane crash. I can't imagine the devastation to her family, and cry every time I think about it.

The Page Turner said...

That gave me chills. My heart is breaking for someone I do not even know.
When my kids were young our generation of mothers were not expected to be so perfect. We did not have to achieve so much. There was more time to just relax and be a family. Wish your generation did not have the bar of achievement set so high. Causes more stress.
Nice reminder to enjoy more little moments. Thanks.

The Sancken's said...

It's those "Blink Of An Eye" moments that teach us the most! Tragedy teaches us gratefulness and how to examine the way we act. Wish it didn't have to take such extreme cases, but it does. God Bless your co-worker and her family.


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