Monday, November 1, 2010

Currently Campaigning For A Day After Halloween Federal Holiday

It is almost 9 pm on Monday evening and I would like to state for the record that I am feeling the full effects of an action packed Halloween weekend. From school parties and pumpkin carving on Friday, a short lived (thank the Lord) soccer tournament Saturday morning, 7th annual Hurloween party Saturday night, and a double whammy kid party/trick-or-treating excursion on Sunday, we milked every last Halloween moment this year.

Following Shortcake's school party and first ever school invite play date, the girls carved their pumpkins following dinner. Please note that when I say "they" I really mean "mostly me" especially in terms of the scooping and scraping process. Although we did not experience any violent gagging at the sight, smell, or touch of pumpkin guts this year, neither girl wanted much to do with initial carving process. They had definite opinions on face shapes, however, and assisted with the cutting process.

Saturday's agenda started bright and early with the season ending U-8 soccer tournament. A long day ahead of us coupled with chilly temperatures and brisk winds led to a "let's just get this over with attitude" from three of the four members of the One Carbon Hill family. This was a play until you lose tournament, and despite a late game goal on a demonstration of excellent team work by two of our star players, Shortcake's team saw the end of their season come to a close by a score of 2-1. It embarrasses me only slightly to admit that I was doing the happy dance inside my head.

She brought her participation trophy home and immediately put in a place of honor on her bookshelf, and she claims that she is already prepared for the spring season to start. She still is the cutest thing on the field when she plays and although she has shown significant improvement in her ability to follow direction on the field, her athletic prowess still has a lot to be desired. Don't let that fierce ready stance pictured above fool you - that's as intense as she was the entire game and spent more of her time on the field running away from the ball than running toward it. She had an awesome time playing though, and as I told her at the start of the season that's all that really mattered.

After the game we regrouped and prepared for Phase Two of the day. After a quick stop for a visit in P-Town, it was on to Gridley for the annual Hurloween party at Poke's Pub. This recap will be short and without pictures because unlike previous years where we shut down the house at 3 am, The General and I were back to my parent's house tucking the girls into bed and in our own pajamas by 9 pm. We still know how to have fun, but Saturday night we certainly not our best showing. Comfortably snuggled up on the couch watching a rerun of SVU, we could have cared less.

Sunday was spent involved in six hours of Halloween fun. The girls started their day with Halloween themed movies while starting in on their candy stash from Gramma & Papa by 10 am; their "makeovers" as Punkin called them started shortly thereafter. Punkin was not pleased when I broke the cardinal girl rule and decided to start taking pictures mid-beautifying process.

Once properly costumed, the photo shoot at 10:45 am yield some cute photographs.

On the road by 11:20 am, our Little Bo Peep caught a quick nap to gear up for the next exciting part of their day.

Some very ambitious and kind friends opened their home to 50 children, ages two to ten years, for a highly organized and super fun Halloween party. Lunch was provided consisting of kid favorite hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and mac-n-cheese which was followed by game and craft stations and treats all adding up to a great way to spend Halloween with friends. I would like to state here that in my entire life I have never seen so many well behaved and courteous children assembled in one location in my entire life.

Trick-or-treating followed soon after the Halloween party, and our girls combed the south end of town for an hour and a half before we finally called it a day. Dinner at the Dairy Queen, running off some steam once home, and 7:30 pm bedtimes brought an end to a jam packed weekend. At this pace, this year's Halloween makes Christmas look like a relaxing, laid back event.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun couple of days! I had to laugh and thought, well, you spend a couple of hours with my kids and might not get polite or well behaved!.....ah, lately I've been telling not-so-good stories about them...they're really not bad kids.... ;)

Tru Stories said...

I did not have to read anything, except the Title.
Amen, to that thought.


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