Thursday, October 7, 2010

Randomness By Photographs

It's been quiet here at One Carbon Hill Headquarters as of late. There's been a whole lot of working, schooling, babysitter attending, homework completing, housekeeping, soccer playing, truck washing, stunt dancing, and napping around these parts. Nothing too Earth shattering to report on as evidenced by a the severe lack in blog updates, but just to keep everyone up to speed I thought I'd provide a few photographs of what we've been up to the last few days.

In an effort to enjoy every last second of this unbelievable fall weather, the girls and I have been spending time outside after school this week. This usually translates to me grilling our supper and them playing "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" on and around the swing set. Have you heard our daughters' fake British accents yet? They are phenomenal.

We're still in the middle of soccer with three regular season games and one tournament left before we wrap up the season. I'll admit it - I was so not looking forward to the responsibilities associated with having a child in an organized sport (especially one in which no one in this family knew jack squat about), but it really has been fun especially in the last few weeks. The rules and regs seem to have taken a hold somewhere in Shortcake's brain which has translated to a few actual athletic maneuvers on the field. We are no where near scoring a goal, but she's definitely showing some aggressive moves out there which for her is a HUGE step. Two weeks ago I saw her execute a stiff arm flawlessly, plant her shoulder into the body of a boy twice her size in an effort to get to the ball, and then successfully steal the ball at least twice. All of the parents on the sidelines were impressed with her never-before-seen prowess, and as she reported to her dad who was unable to make that particular game, "I was an animal out there". We didn't have a game last weekend as our small town celebrated Oktoberfest (which meant she got to walk in the parade as part of the soccer club instead, perhaps a highlight even bigger than the snacks at the end of each game), but I'm anxious to see if that killer attitude makes it's way back onto the field again on Saturday. I've been informed that waffles with lots of syrup is her fuel for greatness so waffles it will be.

I woke up this morning to discover The General had made a new purchase last night. No, this is not yet another television. This is our new computer screen which, ironically, happens to actually be larger than the TV in our room. Our other screen started doing this weird screen distortion spaz out randomly and with increased frequency since we purchased a new tower last spring so it was time for something new. I just wasn't expecting a larger than life monitor.

This is my first time blogging on this mammoth 21 inch screen, and let me just say that it's a bit overwhelming. My eyes are burning from so much visual stimulation; I like to think that maybe this will cut down on the amount of time I spend on the computer (not). As I told The General tonight, I looked over at Punkin as she was playing a game and her face was so lit up from the light coming off the monitor that it almost looked like she was in a tanning bed. A warning to my mother: if you thought our strange mouse was difficult to get used to, just wait until you sit down in front of this bad boy.

Speaking of Little Miss Punkin, I predict that tonight is going to be a very long one with her. She declared last night just before bed that her nose was feeling "a little crinkly" which is usually an indicator that she's getting a cold. When I picked her up from the sitter's this afternoon she was in full blown snot mode. I've learned this about Punkin: when she gets a cold she gets it fast, it's extreme, but it only lasts a day or two. Unfortunately, this is the first night of "the sniffles" which translates to much thrashing, complete frustration, uncontrollable and violent sniffing, intermittent sleep, and overall discomfort. Three of the five aforementioned symptoms also apply to me when my baby is experience such an ailment. After the last - and perhaps most dramatic - event I decided to be proactive and completely prepared for the next event.

Behold, the breathe easy nose strip. Now for kids! I placed it on her nose about 15 minutes before bedtime and, as predicted by my genius husband, within 10 minutes after tucking her in for the night she emerged from her bedroom claiming it wouldn't stay on her nose. My attempt at a good night's sleep for all is now sitting on the computer desk next to me, and my stuffy nosed little girl as been out of her bed four times since declaring "I just can't bweave!". We're obviously not above resorting to tape to handle crisis situations with this child, so I'll keep you posted on its effectiveness.

Probably the most exciting thing that's happened around here in the last few weeks is the departure of a loyal, beloved member of our family. Rocket, The General's TrailBlazer, was bid a fond farewell as he was traded in for something newer, flashier, and manlier - a black 2009 Silverado Z71. I was very sad to see Rocket go mostly because it was paid off but also because it was the vehicle that we brought both our of newborns home from the hospital in (tear, sniff), but the new ride is nice and The General's unbridled enthusiasm is rather contagious. The girls LOVE it, The General adores it, and I think the seats are pretty comfortable. I'm still not used to seeing The General behind the wheel of a truck, the thing looks massive in his garage, and I'm still not sure about its position as our "family vehicle" but it's growing on me.

Unfortunately I have no pictures of the new truck but I'll try to remedy that situation soon for those of you curious to see. Our family of four is also in intense negotiations about the truck's name. The General insists on it being something "cool" and "tough" (although he'd be fine if it remained simply The Truck) with his front runner being Moose. The girls of the house declared that option as Lame, with a capital L. The only other definitive contender was offered by Shortcake after thoughtful deliberation. Her contribution? Moses. I loved it personally although I have no idea where she pulled that from, but it was immediately shot down by our resident Aries population (i.e., The General and Punkin). The suggestion box is open if anyone would like to contribute to the discussion.


The Page Turner said...

Nice pictures. I think I have a picture of Tru Stories looking like that sitting and watching soccer waiting for her game. Soccer was her thing!!

Anonymous said...

How about "The Boss?"


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