Monday, October 18, 2010

Proof That Perhaps Punkin Does Not Resemble My Side Of The Family As Much As I Have Always Claimed

Do you think it's possible that these two might be related?

Separated by six months and a difference in personalities as wide as the Grand Canyon, I find it a bit amazing how these distant cousins share so many similar features. If only Punkin could obtain through osmosis even a fraction of Eleven's peaceful disposition I would be eternally grateful. Unfortunately I was unable to obtain a picture with the third similarly featured grand-fairy-of-them-all (she was much to busy flitting here and there with her giant Tink wings to be bothered with picture taking), but I assure you the family resemblance would also be apparent. Clearly The General's entire family does not know how to make ugly kids (a fact for which I am eternally and selfishly grateful).

A postscript to Tru Stories: A still flying high on post birthday party happiness Punkin just declared to her grandmother that Tink's birthday was, and I quote, "FANTASTICO!". Congrats on throwing the mother of all birthday parties.


The Page Turner said...

That family does not have an ugly gene. Course they all married up. That did not hurt the gene pool. The thing that made the party is the adults believe in fairies as much as the kids. The enthusiasm is contagious.

Munchkin said...

i am not married

The Page Turner said...

We know Munchkin, we know! Ask Tru Stories to give you the Mom speech I used to give her. Some day you will find the person that appreciates blah, blah, blah.

flag girl said...

Munchkin isn't married?


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