Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Weekend Summarized In Two Awesome Conversational Exchanges

Scene: Saturday afternoon, in the car on the way to Tink's fairy birthday party. The girls are dressed to the nines in their very best fairy attire. The radio is playing softly as Punkin, Shortcake and I pause for a brief moment of quiet. Until...

Punkin: Escuse me. This faywee just tooted.

(cue hysterical laughter from Shortcake)

The Mrs.:
That's gross, Punkin.

Don't wuhwee about it, mommy. It was just faywee dust out of my butt.

(cue hysterical laughter from The Mrs.)

End scene

One might not expect two young ladies as lovely and delicate as these beautiful children to find flatulence as humorous, but alas you would be wrong. Farting in any shape or form is downright hilarious especially if delivered with classic comedic timing.


Scene: Sunday afternoon, at the Spencer's located in Louis-Joliet mall. I have just purchased another critical piece of my Halloween costume as Munchkin steps up to the register to purchase hers.

Saleslady: Now, these items can not be returned.

That's okay. I'm pretty sure there's no return policy on my dignity either.

(cue hysterical laughter from The Mrs. again)

End scene


you can call me al said...

Thanks for the laughs!

Anonymous said...

So Funny! Where does she come up with that? Love the picture. Gramma Poke

Anonymous said...

That is cute! Anything with farts is funny don't you agree? We have had a riot with those fart machines, but I do like the fawry dust. Pretty imaginative there.


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