Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Would Someone Please Find That Damn Pause Life Button Already?

The following conversations and/or events took place tonight in the short time span between bath and bed time:
  • I overheard the following phrase - sung in near perfect pitch - come from my sweet, innocent, lovely oldest daughter: "I want your ugly, I want your disease". Immediately following I simultaneously cursed my music choices and felt like vomiting at the thought of subjecting my daughters to characters like this:

Heaven help me, one because I'm raising daughters in a very shady world and two because I just can't stop loving The Gaga.
  • Post-bath, the following question was asked by Shortcake: "Why do people wear bras?". I was so not ready to answer a question like that tonight and am fairly certain the combination of my rambling and her continued line of questions led to a TMI worthy exchange that may or may not haunt her for years to come.
  • I spent a few moments reflecting and gathering my thoughts after that conversation, and as I walked into Shortcake's room to check on her process in the getting-ready-for-bed routine, I observed a wild hair flip reminiscent of a something you might have seen on a music video circa 1989. Think video vixen, Warrant style. Then imagine me nearly falling to the floor, begging for mercy at the third instance in less than an hour which served as a rude, crude reminder that she is growing up WAY to freakin' fast.
  • Finally, snuggled up together in her bed for a little one-on-one time, Shortcake and I were discussing the highlights of her day. She declared that PE was the best part of her Tuesday, and when asked what they did today that was so great she informed me that they had a special guest speaker who also brought his dog. This dog comes to work with this man and works in places like factories and schools looking for "bad things". You know, like "pills". Insert our first official "say no to drugs" conversation here.
I realize that she is growing up right before our very eyes, maturing faster than I was ever prepared for. But tonight? I alone aged at least 10 years. Remind me again how I'm going to survive their journey through puberty?


Mitch said...

I have an awesome Say No To Drugs book from when I was a kid. I'll get it the next time we go to my mom's house.

Meghann said...

Dude, the bra question is easy. "Sometimes it doesn't feel good to just have them hanging so a bra hold them up." Tada! (That's what I said when I got asked that anyway.)

And I can trump you. I've had to give "THE" talk twice now.

you can call me al said...

Good luck----
and if you find that button, please let me know IMMEDIATELY!


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