Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Waiting Impatiently

Dear Baby,

Tomorrow is a very busy day for me. I will spend my day working from 7:45-3:30, running from classroom to classroom retrieving and working with students all day long. Following my duties there, I will quickly rush to our daycare provider's home to get Shortcake and Punkin. Once home I will attempt to shove food down their throats, constantly urging them to "hurry up, eat faster" so that we will make it to Shortcake's soccer practice on time while also getting Punkin and myself ready for the elementary's school's open house. After dropping off Shortcake at practice, Punkin and I will put on our most dazzling smiles while we entertain students and their families as they come in to say hello. Midway through the open house I'll excuse myself to meet Shortcake at the end of her practice and escort her back to my room for the last hour of the open house. Sometime in there we'll have to find time for Shortcake to finish her homework, and by 7:45 pm we should be back home rushing through baths before it's time to tuck the girls into bed for the night. Typically on a night like that, I am beyond exhausted by the time 8 pm rolls around and want nothing more than to collapse into bed and fall immediately into a near comatose state. I have a strong feeling, though, that I will be energized and buzzing with excitement instead.

As daunting as the day's agenda appears I can not wait for tomorrow to arrive. Tonight is a very exciting night for our family. Starting at 9 pm, the clock on Baby Watch 2010 officially begins to tick down. Assuming you follow in the path set forth by your older brothers and sisters, we feel quite certain that you should make your grand entrance sometime in the daylight hours of September 16th. And also like the births of the siblings before you, I could not be more excited.

The time span between announcement of your existence in your mommy's belly and your impending arrival has seemed so short (at least to those of us who haven't been victim to side effects like sleepless nights, frequent trips to the bathroom, nausea, and the like), yet it amazes me how much has been packed into those months. It's been a whirlwind of activity all around as you have grown bigger and stronger safely nestled in your little cocoon. I imagine it's very peaceful where you are, but I certainly hope you're not too comfortable. Your family is growing impatient, and we are ready to meet you.

During the day tomorrow I will no doubt be highly distracted. I imagine I will check my phone at least every 30 minutes or so, checking to make sure I haven't missed the call announcing your arrival. I told your mom & aunts during a Girl's Night IN a couple of weeks ago that I had a "vision" that you were a girl. In addition to guessing your gender, I made the prediction that you will be born at 11:11. It seems fitting to pick a time that many wish upon. There are many things I wish for you already, the first being that you arrive safely and know immediately how much you are loved.

Countdown is on, Baby. The world is waiting.


Aunt Mrs.


Tru Stories said...

Congrats little one. I had a talk with Coco and she is ready to hand over her title as 'Official Baby' of our giant family.
She actually had a surprising hold on that title for 16 months. Much longer than when Tink held it for 10 days.
Congrats family and good luck!

The Page Turner said...

Dear I can call you Al, you win. I do not think any sibling or cousin will ever beat your world record for children. Good luck to you and baby. Hope you have a quick, safe delivery. Hope Aunt Munchkin is by your side with encouraging words. You are an impressive woman!

flag girl said...

Wishing you the and baby!

Doc said...

Can't wait to hear about the new "little one". Keep us posted.


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