Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One Step Closer To Having Her Own Show On A&E

I hate clutter. It messes with my chi and causes me a great deal of stress. I spend a fair amount of energy eliminating any outward signs of it in my home, and at least four times a year I'll go on a wild pitching spree where I attempt to permanently rid our dwelling of useless crap serving no purpose other than taking up precious space.

It might come as no surprise then that a sight like this does not sit well with me.

Pictured here is Punkin's "collection". I've cleared this space no less than five times in recent weeks and without fail slowly but surely items are replaced by my little pack rat. In addition to the always present Princess and the Frog jewelry box, photograph from when we fed fawns two years ago at El Paso's Cornfest, a tiara, and her container for holding captured insects which she uses for everything but insects, today's display seems to be featuring any and every McDonald's Happy Meal toy ever brought into our home, a Sunday school created craft, a variety of sunglasses, two toy cell phones, and one Corona sponsored arm band. I suppose the fact that all items are neatly lined up should appeal to me, but that just leads me to think that if she doesn't qualify for an episode of "Hoarders" than maybe she could make a feature role on "Obsessed".

There's hope yet that someday she'll be famous. Whether or not that's a good thing remains to be seen.


Tru Stories said...

The Kid is my Hoarder and and CAN NOT stand it. I try to throw stuff away, at every chance I find.

The Page Turner said...

I love her stuff. She has it so organized. Wonder what it means? We need some kind of guru that reads junk.

The MC said...

Have you seen Tank's room lately??? The two are obviously related, but Punkin is neater about it! Twice in the last couple of days, he has tripped over stuff on his floor and fallen down yet will not pick it up! Ugh!

Doc said...

I like that she is neat and organized with her hoarding.

Katie said...

I'm just jealous of her Corona arm band!


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