Saturday, September 11, 2010

Always Be Prepared

Our house is a even more girly-fied this weekend. Last night we picked up Little Miss for a three day, two night cousin extravaganza, and the shrieks and giggling have not stopped since. A late into the night chat session between Punkin and her older by five months cousin did nothing to deter them from starting the morning at way-too-early o'clock, and the three girls have spent the morning playing on the computer, feasting on French toast, and for the last hour have been engaged in very intense game of pretend.

Apparently, from the conversations taking place in the back of the house, someone is having a baby. Actually, it sounds like there are several babies being born simultaneously as I've heard no less than ten proclamations of "I'm having a baby!" coming from each girl.

Because eavesdropping on conversations between children is one of my favorite pastimes, I though I'd share with you the following snippets that have been overheard just in the last minute in case you share this hobby:

Punkin: "Wing! Wing! Wing!"

Little Miss: "Hello?" (said in as deep a voice as a four and a half year old can muster)

Punkin: "Huhwee! The baby is coming WIGHT NOW!"

Little Miss: "I'll be right there."

Punkin: "It's an ee-muh-gency!"

Shortcake: "The baby is here!"

Punkin: "What is it?"

Little Miss: "It's a DUCK!"

If you're reading this during your 14 hour span of alone time today, AL, you can rest assure that if no medical team is available when Baby decides to make his/her arrival, you have three eager midwives-in-training on standby. Added bonus: they don't appear to be fazed by babies born with feathers or a beak.


you can call me al said...

That's great! That'll make me laugh all day!

The Page Turner said...

That is great!

Munchkin said...

my money is on a crooked nose

you can call me al said...

You know she said the other day that she didn't want a boy or a girl because there were already too many people in our family already. I hope she's not waiting for a duck!

AuntieM said...

how about a puppy?

Anonymous said...

Priceless....Gramma Poke


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