Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We've Been Growing Old Together Before We Even Knew What "Old" Was

Over 17 years ago as we walked toward the parking lot on the last day of school, he asked me if I'd like to go out sometime. I said yes but told him I'd have to get permission from my parents first, a response as lame as they come. Lucky for me, mom and dad agreed to break their no-dating-until-16 rule since he "came from a good family". A couple of days later, he and I traveled 20 minutes north to the old downtown movie theater in Morris for a early evening viewing of Hot Shots, Part Deux and followed by a snack at Dairy Queen. After arriving back home, he walked me to the front door well before my curfew, gave me a sweet goodbye kiss, and walked back to his car.

As he drove away from my house, I instantly knew I was hooked. Totally, madly, head over heels.

Eight years ago, on a day as sweltering as today, we stood before our family and friends and exchanged vows, promising to love one another until death do us part. I love my daughters and their births were amazing moments in my life, but to this day the day I married my husband still ranks as the best day of my life.

The two of us have been through a lot together, standing next to one another through some of life's highest highs and lowest lows. We are young and still have so much to experience, so many roads to travel, so many joys to celebrate, so many hardships to endure. I have no doubt though that no matter what life has in store for us, we will lean on one another and come out on the other side even stronger than we were going in.

Happy anniversary to you, General. I love you.


you can call me al said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Wishing you all of the best!

Tina said...

Those bangs in the prom picture, Mrs.? Priceless.

Happy Anniversary!

flag girl said...

Happy Anniversary!

The Mrs. said...

Those bangs that night were a masterpiece, Tina. Recognize!

Thank you, everyone!


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