Monday, August 30, 2010


Tonight I posed the following heavy question to my young, innocent daughters in a personal quest of soul searching:

"What could I do to be a better Mommy?"

The answers:

  • You could give us more hugs and kisses.
  • Maybe you could not yell as much.
  • You could spend more time with us.
All answers are spot on and heartwrenching. Why does it always surprise me to realize how perceptive young children can be?

  • You could stop telling us to do stuff.
  • You could buy me mo pwesents.
  • I know, you can let me do whatevuh I want!
While these answer were also appreciated, I foresee implementation of her ideas to be less likely.

1 comment:

The Page Turner said...

Those girls are too smart. I think you are being played.


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