Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boat Trip 2010

Last weekend we finalized a rockin' play list, dumped the kids, loaded up vehicles and trailers, and departed for Shelbyville, Illinois for our second annual houseboat weekend. I'm not sure my vocabulary contains the words to describe how beyond excited The General and I were about this trip. For months before hand, anytime mention of the trip would be made, we'd immediately launch into visions of sunshine, music, booze, and total relaxation. Happily, I'm here to report that this year's trip did not disappoint.

Seeing as how this was our second year, we felt significantly more prepared. Our packing was downsized and streamlined, food choices were carefully thought out, and a large inventory of rafts were purchased. This year our boat was accessorized with a nod to the country we currently call home as well as the country many of the boat's inhabitants' ancestors hail from originally.

Although we spent the majority of the weekend on the water, through periods of sunshine AND rain, we also had a wide selection of magazines to peruse at leisure (not pictured: publications of the adult variety, oh yes we did).

The food was plentiful - with the exception of taco dip, apparently - and delicious. Even strangers from neighboring boats were compelled to sample the tasty treats housed in our kitchen.

This year's trip was made even more exciting by a second day arrival of four additional friends/family members, taxied out to our rockin' houseboat in grand fashion. They kicked up the WOW! factor on our boat almost immediately.

When I wasn't spending my time eating, drinking, jumping, sliding, game playing, dancing, socializing, or tanning, the reminder of my weekend was consumed with one singular thought.

I can not believe how incredibly lucky The General and I are to be surrounded by so many amazing friends.

The level of fun we generate together is insane. I laughed last weekend - between annoying, violent cough attacks - harder than I have in months. Many of us have been friends for years, some since infancy courtesy of friendships shared between the generation before us. We've seen each other through awkward adolescence, been teammates through high school sports, partied together through the college years, watched and stood up in each others weddings, suffered through pregnancies together, and are now raising our children together further stretching the bonds of friendship that have been created. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I can only hope that our girls are lucky enough to be blessed with friendships like these.

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