Sunday, July 25, 2010

She Said "Yes" And Then His Family Breathed A Sigh Of Relief

Oh, I'm kidding of course. Yesterday saw the union of a beautiful, fun loving couple, the joining of two wonderful families, and the boisterous celebrating of all their friends and family. It was an amazing albeit wickedly hot day from start to finish. The Bride looked gorgeous of course - her dress looked like it was made especially for her. The Groom was as handsome as ever. Their bridesmaids and groomsmen were similarly appealing to the eye in their lively blue dresses and dapper black tuxes. The flowers, primarily consisting of bright sunflowers with accents of pink and blue, were lovely. The ceremony uniting husband and wife was sweet; you could easily sense that the words they exchanged as part of their vows were heartfelt. All of the guests were dressed to impressed and primed for a good time from the word "go," and the speeches and video tributes at the reception were the perfect personal touches.

But you're just going to have to take my word for all that for I regret to inform you, loyal blog flowers, that I have failed you. While I will carry a lifetime of memories with me from last evening's festivities, I dropped the ball big time when it came down to documenting the moments photographically. It's not that I wasn't thinking of you, dear readers. I knew at every blog worthy moment that you would be expecting photographic evidence of the wonderfulness. However, I was far to preoccupied either 1) running after children in an effort to keep them clean/wrinkle free/presentable/seated/quiet/etc., 2) trying not to cry throughout the lovely ceremony/working hard not to panic before my reading, or 3) just plain having too much fun to be bothered with my clunky camera. Also, my ridiculously inappropriate and not-at-all practical three inch heels also hindered my desire to trek very far to fetch my camera from it's last location. I do have a substantial number of pictures of the Methodist Church's kitchen thanks to a stealth-like hijacking of my camera by Punkin, but other than that the footage is pretty sparse. I mean, I don't even have a picture of our family of four OR of the bride and groom, which I'm pretty sure is a major wedding FAIL. I'm counting on Tru Stories and Munchkin to come through where I have so grandly failed, but even though my pictures are minimal but I'll gladly share what I have.

What's that you say? Concerned I don't have any pictures of the flower girl? Oh, no reason to worry your pretty little head. I was on my game when it came to capturing this little cutie.

She was very proud of the fact that she did not have to share the spotlight and was the ONLY flower girl for her aunt & uncle's wedding. Although she did a wonderful job walking down the aisle I think the pressure got to her in the end. She forgot to throw her flower petals as she came down the aisle, an error her veteran flower girl older sister brought to her attention at the earliest opportunity. Not one to be flustered by mistakes, though, she simply remedied the problem by throwing them on her way back down the aisle following the ceremony. A flower girl who picks her nose and talks to herself with animated facial expressions isn't going to let a little faux pas like that to stop her from flower girl glory.

She held up as well as could be expected during a long afternoon of being told to quit running, don't lay on the floor, put your dress down, don't touch your crown, stop being sassy, please stay close because they might need you for pictures, and on and on. I was tired of hearing my own voice reprimanding her by the time we were wrapping up pictures after the wedding, so I really wasn't surprised to be greeted with faces like this one from my little drama queen by the end of our time at the church.

I feel it should be documented here that just moments after this picture was taken she threw in the towel completely as she theatrically rolled off the step onto the floor and with her belly on the floor and face to the sky declared, "I just can't take it any mo!". I heard at least two groomsmen second that declaration. Despite her sour attitude upon leaving the church, she got her groove back quite literally once the music started thumping at the reception. Here she is with her uncle, The Groom, leading the pack and stealing the show during the wedding party dance. That girl is too much.

Punkin made Coach's dream come true by asking him to dance after initially turning down his request. His joy was short lived when he quickly discovered that dancing with Punkin is more accurately described as dancing next to Punkin. She doesn't like to restrict her eccentric movements to match those of her dance partners.

Despite my lackluster photo taking, I managed to snap a quick picture of my two girls together. Shortcake was equally beautiful last night in her navy blue dress, and her sparkly silver flip-flops left grown women green with envy left and right.

Carrying the heavy burden of Corn Girl along with her cousin Little Miss, Shortcake proved to be the perfect person for the job. Instructed to hand out small packets of corn kernels to each guest to be thrown at the bride and groom as they left in their getaway vehicle, Shortcake saw to it that no one exited that church without a pretty little tulle wrapped package. I saw her both leap in front of one wedding guest and chase after another in her efforts. If passing out small bags of corn was an Olympic sport, she'd be a shoo-in for the gold medal.

As my mom and dad observed, it seems as though yesterday she aged six years. So poised, my girl. Unlike her firecracker of a sister, she was ready to call it a night immediately after the bouquet toss, but she found enough energy to get in a dance with her daddy before leaving for the night.

And speaking of that guy. The one who supported me through my wedding-day-morning-we-don't-have-enough-time-to-get-this-all-done-and-still-get-to-the-church-on-time freak out. The one who immediately located the church thermostat and dialed down the temperature a few degrees yet still suffered through the high risk of falling victim to heat stroke and/or fainting as he stood up for his younger brother on his wedding day. The one who gave me a quiet and encouraging, "Good job, baby" after my reading and didn't even try to get me to laugh once while I was up there. The one who always knows how to impress a crowd with his mad Lunchbox racing abilities. The one who disappears for hours at a reception entertaining others and attempting to stay cool yet still manages to find me for at least one sweet slow dance (and then surprise others with his fly dance moves). Yeah, that guy was there and he managed to have a good time and looked good doing it.

My mom and dad so graciously offered to take the girls home early with them so that The General and I could partake in the festivities of the reception in true form, an offer for which we are always thankful and appreciative. I may have been the self-appointed Designated Driver of the family last night, but that certainly didn't stop me from having a blast. I will point you in the direction of the picture below which serves as a visual aide demonstrating the catalysts for said good time (not pictured: Doc, who was mysteriously and sadly absent when this picture was taken. I predict she was getting drink refills).

It's criminal how much I laugh when in the presence of these women. If you aren't lucky enough to know these ladies personally, you might not believe me when I tell you that their outward beauty doesn't even begin to match that which is inside. But it is so true. They are a fantastic group, and I'm lucky to be able to call them my friends.

I know it was on the minds of many that there was one person noticeably absent and sadly missed during the wedding festivities, but it was with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts that we turned to each other on more than one occasion throughout the weekend and said, "Peggy would have loved this". It's comforting to know that she was certainly smiling down on us from heaven, and I like to think that the rainbow filled sky as we were decorating the night before the wedding was her gift to us.

It was a wonderful day, one filled with love, laughter, family, friendship, and memories to last a lifetime. Congratulations and best wishes once again to the happy couple. Have a wonderful time in Jamaica!


Tru Stories said...

Beautiful recap.
And I am sure, that rainbow was hand picked for the happy couple!
"We had an AWESOME time last night..."
"We all know you had an awesome time, Frank. EVERYONE knows you had an awesome time!"
Just in case, anyone could not tell that Coach and I, very much enjoyed ourselves.

The Page Turner said...

Beautiful recap. Your girls are too sweet, the dancing adorable. The grow-ups glow with happiness. Sounds like an amazing day filled with love & laughter.

Tina said...

I wish I could be as sassy as Punkin. Get that girl a modeling contract, with all of those poses!


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