Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Making Good On A Promise

Sunday evening I caved to the girls' request for a day of swimming at the big pool in Dwight and agreed to take them the following afternoon.

Come Monday late morning, I was dolling out threats of staying home if toys weren't picked up and lunch eaten by 12:30 pm.

I failed to check my go-to source for all weather related information until 12:15. The radar indicated a line of rain/storms headed directly for our destination, due to arrive shortly after the pool was to open.

The girls did not take this news lightly and insisted that we go anyway. Against my better judgment I listened to them. It was easier than listening to them whine and pout.

Halfway to Dwight I realized this was a very poor idea. Not only were the skies looking increasingly storm-ish, I suddenly realized I had absolutely no desire to pay $12 for three of us to swim for 30 minutes before inevitably getting rained out.

In an attempt to prevent them from staging a coup of magnificent proportions, I offered a deal of taking them to the "Rocket Park" instead followed by playing in the sprinkler when we returned home. They reluctantly agreed.

Five minutes after arriving at the park it sprinkled all of ten drops, enough to make me feel vindicated.

Two and a half hours and one trip for an afternoon snack at the Dairy Queen later we were back home. Requests for making good on that sprinkler promise started almost immediately.

I decided taking a nap sounded like a better idea and pushed back the sprinkler until after dinner. The girls appeared suspicious but again reluctantly agreed.

Due to said nap, dinner was later than usual. Punkin commented on the fading sunlight and then proceeded to call me out as a liar for not making good on that damn sprinkler promise. Do these kids not forget anything?

At 7:40 pm, I finally delivered. The air was cool, the water was freezing, but they still managed to have fun. Oh, to be young again.

And for what it's worth, that Doppler radar indicating rain and possible storms? Never


The Page Turner said...

You could have led with the pictures of the girls in the sprinkler and call it a perfect day. We never would have known all that came before. That is why young kids are so wonderful! Give them the simplicity of a sprinkler and it is golden. Beautiful pictures!! Love the story.

Katie said...

You must not be checking in with the correct weather man :)

AuntieM said...

Mrs.....remember that you can bring the girls out to swim on the farm at anytime!!! the water is crysal clear, perfect temperature and begging to be used!!!!!!!!!!!!! planning ahead is not required!!


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