Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just Wondering

Having participated in my first yoga class last night, I feel like I need to take this question to the masses:

Is it normal to not be able to take deep breaths due to extreme soreness around the ribcage, a pain which seems to be intensifying with each passing hour?

I mean, I thought only someone in the midst of a grand mal seizure shakes with the intensity I experienced while trying desperately to hold a pose, a task which can only be described as cruel and unusual punishment. Apparently, though, that's just all in a day's work when you step foot on Tru Stories' playground. So maybe this excruciating pain 24 hours after the fact is par for the course.

Also, the two sweetest phrases ever uttered during any exercise related event: "Inhale and release" and "relaxation pose".

If I was able to lift my arms higher than my shoulder, Tru Stories, I would totally slap you for the torture you put us through last night. But thanks for the invite - it really was superfly awesome!


Tru Stories said...

That pain, is the total awesomeness of working all those core muscles. And now that you have experienced it... I expect that you will occasionally come back for more.
Everyone Hearts yoga.
Every one...

jen said...

I'm so out of the blog-world this summer. Glad to hear you made it to a yoga class. :) Sounds like I felt after my first (dozen) yoga classes. Namaste!


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