Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Recipe For A Near Perfect Day

  1. At least one child who sleeps in
  2. Turning off the a/c and opening up the house for the first time in a month
  3. A morning run at a pace that averages significantly below your target pace
  4. A spectacular weather day with clear blue skies, sun that warms your skin, and a light breeze which keeps you comfortable
  5. An afternoon snack of still warm fresh baked zucchini bread
  6. A day at the park spent laying in the sun while you listen to the sound of your daughters laughing together (minus that unbelievably ridiculous debate regarding ownership rights of imaginary friends)
  7. Late afternoon down time in the backyard, sprawled out on a blanket reading books to/with my girls
  8. A dinner of grilled chicken fajitas
  9. Loading up two freshly bathed, pajama wearing girls for a Dairy Queen run
Mix together throughout the day; savor and enjoy.


The Page Turner said...

That is a great day! We took the Tru Stories kids to DQ in their jammies the other night. I think I loved it more than they did.

Anonymous said...

What a great day! Seems so relaxing. Love to all, Gramma Poke

Katie said...

I want to come stay at your house.


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