Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Motherhood Rejuvenation

It happens every year. With the ringing of the final bell on the last day of school, I rush out of the building with energy and enthusiasm, eagerly anticipating what the summer will hold. I love being home during the lazy days of summer with my girls, and now that they're older the adventures that we are able to embark on make the months of June, July, and August even more exciting.

But with each passing wonderful day, there's always that inevitable moment when I think to myself, "Ah, yes. This is why I am not a full time stay-at-home mom". I'm sure most of you know exactly what I'm speaking of, those days when the kids are fighting, your patience is nearly non-existent, and you fight the urge to shout "Just shut up!" in the general direction of your wonderful offspring. Let's take a moment and give mad props to all the stay-at-home moms of the world. Honestly, I'm one who believes there is no tougher job.

Anyway, I reached that point yesterday. The girls were tired from an early morning wake up followed by a second day of swim lessons, yet I still subjected them to four hours of shopping involving multiple stops and a strict agenda. It probably was not a great choice to begin with, but it had to be done. We did the mall rounds without a stroller for Punkin, I attempted to shop for a bathing suit, there was a trampoline/bungy cord type attraction that I refused to let them do, the pull of Auntie Anne's was fierce - all in all the odds for a pleasant day were stacked against me. By the time we hit Target we were all so over shopping and, truthfully, each other. It was on the way home that I realized that three weeks into summer vacation, it's time that for girls and I to spend some quality time away from each other.

But then today happened. I had a friend in high school who was an eternal optimist, and her go-to phrase when anyone was feeling beat down was this: The sun will shine again tomorrow. Such a simple little saying, but it's amazing how true that rang for me today. Following swim lessons, the girls and I headed to Renfrew Park for a quick picnic lunch then headed out to Poke Farms for a swim day at AuntieM & Big Poke's pool. With three tiny moments, I was once again reminded how lucky I am to get to experience days like these.

At one point, I looked over in the pool and witnessed Shortcake state, "Ah, this is the life!" while comfortably placed on a pool raft.

Punkin was acting particularly sleepy today (not shocking considering she's been running at full steam with no more than two naps total since summer started), and while sitting with her on the swing she sweetly snuggled up next to me and fell asleep.

Late in the afternoon, with both girls happily playing Life Guard and Drowning Victim, I was able to relax on a lounger and even managed to read a few pages of my latest book.

I am so glad I had today to remind me how blessed I am to have moments and memories like these.


The Page Turner said...

Good for you, nothing like a day in a backyard pool for relaxing fun.

Tina said...

Mrs - I was feeling EXACTLY the same way you are this morning when Gizmo was up early again - I am not stay-at-home mom material. I am more tired in three days than I have been for months!

My rejuvenation, though, will be by laying poolside in Vegas in a few days.....

However, let's hope the new people aren't moved into the farmhouse when we come for a visit in August so we can enjoy the pool together!

Anonymous said...

Can I come too (in august)??

Oh, and who is going to be the lifeguard / victim?

Gramma Poke


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