Friday, June 25, 2010

Defining Moments

According to Merriam-Webster's online dictionary, the word "pressure" is defined in part as:

1 a : the burden of physical or mental distress b : the constraint of circumstance : the weight of social or economic imposition

For the purposes of this blog post, I would like to offer an alternate definition for "pressure"

2: that feeling experienced when a person realizes she is in the presence of five children famous because of their mother's blogs and that person is the only one with carrying a camera as the group embarks on a event that will certainly provide an abundance of blogworthy moments.

So, yes, my definition is slightly wordier than good ol' Merriam and Webster. It's how I roll.

Last night the girls and I made our annual trek to the Carbon Hill carnival. The girls are usually on the edge of their seats all day with anticipation of this grand event, but this year we kicked up the excitement level by at least ten when it was announced that The Kid, Tink, and Coco would be accompanying us as special guest stars.

Shortly after we left the house Tru Stories realized she had left her camera behind. It was at that precise moment when I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. It's one thing to document the events of my own daughters' childhood on this blog, but to also be responsible for capturing life's greatest moments of another blogger's children? That's heavy, man. I'll admit that I spent a great deal of the night making sure Punkin did not disappear into the questionably dressed crowd (reference today's post at Tru Stories for elaboration) and when I wasn't doing that I was carefully dodging giant mud pits; as a result, quality pictures from last night's events were minimal. I did manage to capture a few keepers though.

Take me home, country road (where home is the carnival and country roads being a paved street in town).

Scenes from a ferris wheel in which Tru Stories and The Mrs. wisely kept weight equally distributed on a questionably constructed metal structure (or, not at all). Special thanks to The Kid who stayed planted on the ground but managed to convince my daughters that it was an excellent idea to scream freely as soon as the ride departed.

Not pictured: The roller coaster. Shortcake ditched her sister for Tink on this ride although no feelings were hurt in the betrayal. Tink was witnessed exiting the riding hopping frantically while proclaiming, "Dat ride was so cooool!".

The motorcycles were a big hit with everyone for at least the first seventeen laps around the track. After that it got a little old, but you'd never guess it from their expressions captured here.

In line with definitions, let me give you a photograph that personifies "pitiful":

Poor Tink, distraught over the injustice of being ticketless while her friends/cousins merrily use the last of their tickets to ride on the merry-go-round. Life can be so cruel.

Order was restored and all was right with the world once again following the purchase of ice cream treats. One quick note: I would like to warn all of you who may not already know that bubble gum ice cream tastes as disgusting as you might imagine. Obviously Tink, Punkin and Coco's culinary preferences are in a whole different realm than mine. AL, you will be happy to know that Shortcake continues to represent for the family, resisting all temptation for flashier choices and sticking with a classic - chocolate swirl.

Late into the night, it's always fun to hand over the camera to the kids so that they will be 1) entertained and 2) distracted enough to allow their mothers to swap recipes (or gossip, whatever).

Thanks for joining us this year to all the clan from Tru Stories!


Tru Stories said...

Seriously...I LOLed. Great intro..very clever. Pictures were maybe not AS awesome as my new camera could have done but they are still super cute. Except, maybe the one with me. I didn't know we just posted shots taken by toddlers...we just do that? Really? I am going to have to actually smile if that is the case. We were happy to join you and Tink can NOT stop talking about her "friends and can she go back to dem's house".

The Mrs. said...

She can come back to dem's house anytime she wants. Except tomorrow, because this is a kid-free zone until Sunday afternoon. Holla!

The Page Turner said...

Bragging about the wonderful camera will not do any good if it is forgotten at home. Pictures are adorable. Tink talked and talked about her friends last night. Love to hear her say their names. Great post! You did not fall under the pressure.


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