Thursday, June 10, 2010

Child's Play Imitates Life

Following the events of Saturday night's tornado, the girls have naturally been very inquisitive as to what exactly took place and why. They've been asking A LOT of questions, and I've been trying to answer them as patiently and as honestly as I can in a way that a four and almost six year old might understand without causing permanent emotional damage (e.g., irrational fears at the first sign of a rain cloud). We've used pictures from the affected areas of town as well as video of the storm to try to understand the powerful nature of a tornado, and we've also used this as a lesson as to what we should do if a tornado ever came near our home. Among some of the questions I've fielded since last weekend:

What causes a tornado?
Why do tornados hit and then pick up and then hit and then pick up again?
What will they do with all that garbage?
Did anyone get hurt?
Are (insert the name of every friend or family member living in or near Dwight) okay?
Did the tornado come to Coal City?
How does the tornado do that to the trees?

As it always does, life has moved on and with each passing day the endless questions seem to have dwindled dramatically. However, this morning as the girls were playing with their dollhouse I overheard part of their conversation and realized I should perhaps investigate.

Punkin: BOOM! BOOM!
Shortcake: Hurry, honey! We better get in the house!
Punkin: BOOM!
Shortcake: Mommy, what does a tornado sound like?
The Mrs.: Well, it's a very strong wind. A lot of people say it sounds a lot like a train.
Shortcake: Oh. Okay.
Punkin: Oh, no! It's a to-nado! We bettuh get in da basement, honey!
Shortcake: Okay! I'll get the baby! Hurry!

So, apparently our daughters are still trying to process the whole ordeal in their own way. And in case you're wondering what the aftermath of a doll house tornado looks like, let me provide some photographic evidence of the disaster zone.

Luckily, it appears as though all doll house family members survived without major injury.


Parker said...

Oh my! At least they are making the "to-nado" go through the doll house and not the REAL living room or bed rooms! I can see Punkin using that excuse some day soon when you ask her what happened to her room!

Anonymous said...

They are thinking! The girls at the bank loved this post. They are creative! Gramma Poke

Tina said...

Love it! Thank goodness they got everyone out.

AuntieM said...

they just crack me up!


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