Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The carnival setup is in full force in our little village. The 61st annual Homecoming celebration officially kicks off tomorrow evening, and as is the case every year our girls are positively giddy with excitement. They could care less about the annual slow pitch softball tournament or hopping beer garden, the celebration's premiere events. For them it's all about the carnival. The corn dog stands are just an added bonus.

This afternoon on our trip home after running errands the girls begged me to drive by the park to witness what stage of set-up the carnival is in currently. They were awed and barely able to contain themselves upon viewing a few of their favorite rides as well as some promising new prospects. As we turned down the street that houses most of the mobile lodging units for the laborers, the following conversation took unfolded.

Shortcake: Hey, mom! Can we camp at the carnival?!
The Mrs.: Well, not really. People who work for the carnival travel with the rides all over the place, from town to town. See, this carnival is from Georgia. Since the workers are always traveling they sort of take their home with them so they have someplace to sleep each night. That's why there are so many campers.
Shortcake: Oh.
Punkin: *heavy sigh* I sho wish my Gwamma and Papa could be wuhkuhs at duh cahnivul.

So, there you go mom and dad. If this whole bank teller and youth pastor gig you guys are working on don't pan out, your youngest granddaughter already has a back up plan in the works for you.


Anonymous said...

If the pay is good I might be ready to join....I could always go as the fat lady or something! This post is hilarious! I can so hear her saying that. Gramma Poke.

Tru Stories said...

Is it possible that Punkin may have a future as a Carnie? Dream Big little girl!
Also...is there rides and snacks? In our family we just thought that was background noise outside of the front row Softball seats, located comfortably in the Beer Garden.
Weird, I have never noticed.
See you plenty, One Carbonhill...we will be there in force, this week.

The Page Turner said...

That is hilarious! Dream big for your grandparents Punkin.

em said...

I think Marsha will fit right in with the carnie crowd......


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