Monday, May 10, 2010

Crisis At One Carbon Hill

First of all, all these people claiming Windows 7 was their idea? So far I'm not sure that's something I'd be bragging about.

Secondly, we have dodged a serious crisis here at One Carbon Hill Headquarters. Our old computer, the trusty machine that helped me bring this exact blog into the world, left us for all eternity. Shall we all pause for a moment of silence? It had been dying a slow, painful death and without any warning left us abruptly sometime early Saturday morning. I, of course, was panicked knowing without a shadow of a doubt that all our pictures, videos, documents, and music files were lost forever and ever. But behold! The Geek Squad came to our rescue and, from what we can tell, retrieved nearly everything. In case anyone was wondering the going rate these days for childhood memories? Apparently it's about $150.

Now we're attempting to learn they lay of the land with this new contraption and searching high and low to put all the items back in their proper place. Our household was sans computer for less than 72 hours (Internet access via cellphone, PS3, and work prevented me from suffering a serious case of DTs), and I'm happy to report that we're back up and running. Please bear with me as I adjust to this new keyboard. Already I've inadvertently posted prematurely by hitting a wrong button (I'll fix that error momentarily), and I'm certain there will be serious typos as my fingers bond with this new platform for delivering ground breaking news from OCH.

Just a friendly reminder from someone who nearly lost everything: back up your files!


Anonymous said...

The exact same thing happened to us a few days ago, our going price is $130!! I hope we get everything back.

Katie said...

So you can get a 1 TB external hard drive for about 75-100 bucks. This can back up everything you'd ever want on your computer - files, pics, videos, etc... - over and over again. HUGE. Totally worth the investment. You can set it up to do automatic backups once a week and then you won't have to worry :) I use this for work and at home and LOVE it.
WD Elements Desktop 1 TB External hard drive - 480 Mbps


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