Monday, May 31, 2010

About That Race

In addition to a fun day at the zoo and splash park, I used our trip to Miller Park last week to perform some preliminary preparations for the big five mile race that's looming a little more than a month away. I'm a visual person when it comes to running, usually able to urge myself forward so long as I can see either a major landmark or the end point on that day's route. I felt I would be better served on race day if I had a fresh visual of the tentative route for the 4th of July run, so I took mental notes as we headed north in the air conditioned comfort of my parent's vehicle. As we drove home from Miller Park toward Fairview Park, I had only one thought:

You have got to be flippin' kidding me.

I understand that five miles is nothing to sneeze at when you consider covering it on foot at more than a leisurely stroll in the heat of an Illinois summer. Seeing it stretched out in front of you though? Oh, dear God, I am frightened.

Also, to the person who informed me that there's "just one little hill right at the beginning of the race"? You, my friend, are a big fat liar. I didn't realize that Bloomington-Normal had a such a wide range of elevation along one of it's main thoroughfares but it does. Small rolling hill after small rolling hill leads me to believe that I will be begging for mercy before I even reach the half-way point.

I'm not sure how many times I uttered, "Oh. My. God." under my breath in that five mile stretch, but I'm pretty sure it numbered in the double digits. I know there were several audible groans and a couple proclamations of "I'm never letting those (insert Irish family name) people talk me into anything this ridiculous ever again". My dad offered his support by telling me I'd probably need to run through a McDonald's on the way for some refreshments. I told him I'd more likely need to run through BroMenn's emergency room for a quick meeting with a heart defibrillator.

At this point, I'm hoping that my meager, inconsistent training schedule and pure adrenaline push me through. Am I still looking forward to this event? Yes, but now it's not so much out a excitement as much as I just want it over with.


The Page Turner said...

One time Tru Stories talked a group of us into walking to Odell. It was an Eat, Pray, Love phase she went through. We needed to conquer something. Since we did not have the money for Italy, we walked to Odell. It was July 5th. About 150 degrees. I swore at her under my breath as I walked. It helped just a little bit. She promised it would be worth it to be able to say we walked to Odell. So, Mrs. - one time I walked to Odell. I was conned by them too. Does that make you feel any better.

Anonymous said...

You are going to be fine - no McD's or BroMenn (silly!)By the end of the race you will fell like the rock star you are!!!!


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