Thursday, April 29, 2010

An Two-Part Story About a Phone Call Which I Unintentionally Attempted to Eavesdrop Upon

Last night, just after I had drifted off to sleep, I heard The General’s cell phone ring. It’s an unmistakable and slightly jarring ring tone (the sound of a trumpeting elephant so lifelike it renders me highly embarrassed when he receives an incoming call while we are out in public, if you must know) so it’s not surprising that despite my extreme fatigue I was roused from slumber as the sound filled our otherwise quiet house.

On the other end of the line was The General’s younger sister, Docta J. aka The Pharmacist formerly known as Munchkin. At this point you might be wondering to yourself, “How in the world would a half-asleep Mrs. know who was calling from her position on the opposite side of the house?” and my answer to that particular question would be two fold:

  1. The General replaced his typical “YOOOO!” salutation with one identifying his caller as Doctor, narrowing down possible candidates quite effectively; and
  2. From the back of the house, I could hear Munchkin’s voice on the other end of the line.

I’m sharing this part of the story because it confirms the following: specific members of The General’s family are the loudest cell phone talkers I have ever encountered in my entire life. I find this both hilarious and endearing. I also use this fact to direct blame toward The General when Punkin is in one of her particularly excessive loud moods (i.e., She totally gets that from your side of the family).


At some point during their conversation I drifted back to sleep. I could still intermittently hear Docta J’s voice but it was difficult to make out her exact words, and The General was rather quiet on his end of the line so I wasn’t really able to follow their conversation. What’s the point of staying awake if I don’t know what they’re talking about, right?

I don’t know how much time passed, but suddenly I was brought back to consciousness. When I realized that Munchkin and The General were still chatting, I became instantly disturbed by their topic of conversation.

They were discussing books, more specifically novels written by Dan Brown.

Everyone stop for one brief moment and visualize. Munchkin. And The General. Discussing books. As if this simple fact wasn’t shocking enough, I then heard my husband declare “the book was much better than the movie” and “I will never see a Dan Brown movie without reading the book first”.

This conversation, taking place between two people who were once-upon-a-time-not-so-long-ago self-declared non-readers, was almost enough to make me jump out from under my warm blankets, storm into the living room, and ask if my ears were deceiving me or if these siblings were, in fact, engaged in a little impromptu book club moment.

Maybe I was delirious from exhaustion. Maybe I dreamt the whole event. Either way, I fell asleep last night (for the third time) smiling to myself.


(By the way, Pharmacist Formerly Known As Munchkin? I’m really glad you’re home.)


The Page Turner said...

This would have been perfect if they would have been discussing a book they read about on my blog. Just happy to hear about non-readers becoming readers.

Munchkin said...

And in part of that conversation I was telling him how I'm gonna drop by some day and return The Lost Symbol and Water for Elephants and hopefully borrow Angels and Demons... good news Prada did not eat either book this time

The Bride said...

you should just bring those two books to my house...and i'll return them when I'm done.. ok?


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