Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blossoms, Buds, and Bees

I decided today that I can no longer declare a favorite season. Instead I am going to announce that I love the start of every new season equally with the exception being winter of course. Aside from my birthday, Christmas, and a wardrobe of baggy sweatshirts there's very little that makes me appreciate winter.

I think the start of this year's spring has been one of the greatest in recent memory. The weather has been unbelievable and everything seems to be growing bigger and stronger and more vibrant than ever. Right now the scent of the flowering trees in our backyard is amazing and walking by a neighbor's lilac bush while on a walk tonight put a smile on my face. I will forever link Punkin's birth to these trees - on the day we brought her home from the hospital we were greeted by the sight and fragrant smell of flowering trees. They were so heavy with blooms that year that they almost lit up the backyard at night.

I am loving everything about spring this year, although I could do without the influx of wasps on our back porch. Of course that's nothing a little Raid can't fix.

In the front yard, our surprise rock quarry doesn't seem to be stopping the red maple we planted last year on Mother's Day. It's got a lot of growing to do still, but this little tree survived its first encounter with harsh winter winds and an ice storm or two. It's always encouraging to see things come back to life after a cold, hard winter.

Gardens are going in all around us and I feel myself feeling involuntarily pulled toward our local gardening center to peruse their inventory.

Ambitions for a beautiful yard are always high this time of year. Then I remember just how much work a fully landscaped yard can be and I gladly settle for a new low maintenance perennial and some potted flowers for the back porch. After all, I've got a couple of other important things to take care of besides pruning, watering, and weeding.


The Page Turner said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful girls.

Tru Stories said...

Someone get a new camera? Awesome pics!

Tina said...

Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love the spring too....We get it from Gramma B. It was her favorite season. I have the urge to go on my long walks and bring home enough lilacs to fill every room of the house! Love the pics especially shortcake....She looks so peaceful/carefree and just enjoying being a kid! Gramma Poke

jen said...

The only appreciation I can say that I have found for winter is that it makes me enjoy the spring even more when it arrives! It's kind of like a metaphor for life though too...the sun shines and you're warm, then things get cold and gloomy. Eventually, all things come back around. LOVED the pictures!


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