Friday, March 5, 2010


They are everywhere.
  • The number of ladybugs I’ve vacuumed up daily as they crawl on and around our sliding glass door has to be nearing triple digits.
  • Plans for a spring break getaway are underway.
  • It was warm enough to wash the outside of the dining and living room windows this afternoon.
  • I noticed the trees are starting to show early signs of coming back to life.
  • Almost all the snow has melted with the exception of large piles in parking lots and snow lying in areas on lawns that don’t receive much direct sunlight.
  • Next week we move our clocks ahead one hour trading off an hour of sleep for an extra hour of daylight.
  • More and more I’m compelled to drive with my windows down.
  • I noticed several kids left their coats in their lockers as they ran out for recess today.
  • The lines at the local car wash have been at least four cars deep at any given time of the day for the last three weeks.
  • We’ve had more days with sunny skies than overcast this week.
  • Wildlife has started to emerge. Unfortunately for us, that means another raccoon has found a home under our back porch.
  • The girls have asked three days this week to play outside when we arrived home in the afternoon.
  • As I browsed online for clothes earlier this week, I realized inventory has switched from jeans, sweaters, boots, and coats to short sleeved shirts, capris, skirts, shorts, lightweight jackets, swimsuits, and sandals.
  • And my favorite sign to date: This morning Punkin woke me up with a kiss. I opened up the blankets for her and she crawled into our bed for an early morning snuggle. Just as we were getting super comfortable, Punkin whispered, “Mommy, guess what! I hood a stwange noise in my woom!”. I asked her if she could tell what the noise was and she responded by saying, “Yeah. I fink it was outside. It sounded like a baby buhd tweeting for it’s mama!”. Waking up to an early morning serenade of birds chirping is a very welcome sign especially when it’s been so long since we last heard them that my child considers it a “stwange noise”.
Don’t be a tease, Spring. We’re soaking up your early signs that you’re ready to explode, and our winter weary bodies are poised to welcome you with open arms.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful signs! Why is it always a surprise to us when Spring comes back every year?

Tina said...

Heck yeah spring break plans! Woo hoo!


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