Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bill Cosby Was Right

Kids really do say the darndest things.

Here are some recent gems from my girls that had me cracking up.

Punkin: "He's playing the toobub"

(It's a tuba, actually, but her pronunciation is way cuter.)

Shortcake: "We have a new kid in our class. His name is Blank."

(I'm assuming his name is actually Blake, but I could be wrong. Some of her classmates have a whooper of a name.)

Shortcake: "Look at Barbie! She wearing a tee-ra-ra."

(She knew she wasn't pronouncing "tiara" correctly but couldn't for the life of her say it right despite several attempts.)

Punkin: "Hey! Look at that guhlilla!"

(I can't NOT say guhlilla instead of gorilla thanks to Punkin. It flows better, don't you think?)


Meghann said...

Lindsay is 7 now, and she still has some things she says wrong. (I don't correct her either, because it's adorable, and I am holding on to these days while I still can.)

She says "banklet" for blanket, and "thinger" for finger. She used to say "skirtle" for squirrel, but finally grew out of it about a year ago.

Anonymous said...

I love "guhlilla." Put it in the suggestion box at the zoo.

Blaine says "talkie-walker" for walkie-talkie. I get them out sometimes just so I can hear him call them by name.


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