Sunday, February 14, 2010

Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On

First, before I even begin to tell of our fun night at the 1955 Sweetheart Sock hop last night, I would like to take a moment to thank the makers of Pepto Bismol. This product is difficult for me to swallow given it's smell is very similar to that of my toilet bowl cleaner, but it may have been in small part responsible for my ability to even attend the sock hop. Right on cue, I woke up in the wee hours of Saturday morning and instantly realized I was feeling less than 100%. Waves of nausea, a rumbling stomach, overall discomfort - the entire experience sent a wave of panic over me rationalizing that this illness could very easily keep me from one of the biggest social events of our year. The General's reaction when I announced my feeling sick at 9 am was not well received. Some rest, lots of water, a few trips to the bathroom, and a couple doses of the pink stuff and by 6 pm I was feeling well enough to spend a night on the town. So, for all of those you noticed my usual plastic cup of beer being replaced by a bottle of water let me clear up any misconceptions or rumors you may have heard last night: no, I am not pregnant and was keeping hydrated as part of an attempt to doing anything I could to avoid a sudden onset of flu-like symptoms.

Now, the dance!

Team We(Cancer)Vive once again put on a fantastic evening, filled with dancing, great costumes, drinks & snacks, and special surprises. I could retell of the night's events with a rambling narrative, but let's keep it real. You're really only here for the pictures, right?

First, what would a Team We(Cancer)Vive dance be without show boating by my husband and his group of friends? Just when I think they can't top themselves from the previous year, they pull off the impossible by creating a group costume in five days time. Can you imagine what they could achieve if they lived their entire lives with the motivation they show for costume parties? They could conquer the world, I tell you! Not only did they pull off the costumes in record time, they also managed to enter the dance in pure theatrical fashion and ultimately pull off a "Best Dressed" victory.

May I present to you, The Hickory Huskers and Coach Norman Dale.

"No school this small has ever won a state championship!"

You might notice that the team is missing star player Jimmy Chitwood. First of all, to all you skeptics out there, our team is on the floor. Secondly, I like to pretend that this picture was taken before the town hall vote while Jimmy was still mulling over his decision whether or not he was ready to start playing ball again.

Special footage from the extended version of Hoosiers: a pregame Apple Pie Shot. Shooter approves of this ritual.

If you do not believe me that these men like to enter in style, perhaps I should share with you our mode of transportation for Saturday night.

The boys did manage to take some time out for a few pictures with their biggest fans.

The bride was highly disturbed by her fiance's lack of facial hair.

If there had been a "Best Hair" category this year, Jill would have won hands down. Look at all that volume, achieved even without the assistance of a Bumpit!

Forced to play second fiddle to our husbands for yet another year, the wives still manage to have a good time.

Following some predance drinks, pizza, and snacks, it was on to the dance. As I stated before, the women were relegated to forming a tunnel and chanting "Hickory" as the team & Coach Dale made their dramatic entrance. After that, our official duties of team promotion were complete and we were free to enjoy the evening.

I was surprised to see this morning how few pictures I took at the actual dance. I guess my focus on not getting sick hindered by ability to take hundreds of pictures as is usual for a theme dance. You'll just have to settle with the few I did manage to take.

Yet another showcase of The General's cousin's amazing artistic ability.

Me & Devon, a childhood friend and someone who makes me laugh every time I talk to her. For years people mistook us for twins and/or sisters which neither of us really understood. Last night, early in the evening mind you, her husband approached me thinking I was his wife. Hilarious!

"God wants you on the floor, Strap."

Outfits pulled together even faster than Team Hickory. Nicely done, Mr. & Mrs. MC!

Two members of Team We(Cancer)Vive, The Enforcer and Coach. Amazing work as always, you two!

Three additional members of Team We(Cancer)Vive. Flag Girl & Doc - loved your dresses!

Munchkin as Sandy. What I learned last night: Sandy could dance and Sandy could sing. Sandy most definitely could not hula hoop. Also learned last night: Sandy is bitter when she loses for the third consecutive year.

As part of the their victory celebration, Team Hickory ran a quick drill on the floor. Their ball handling skills left much to be desired. They blamed it on the constant flash of the camera. I think their beverage consumption might have also played a factor.

It's a terrible picture, but this adorable duo stole the show last night. Ken and Joan were hands down winners for "Sweetest Couple," dancing the night away in classic 50s fashion. Ken especially put the rest of us to shame. Homeboy could move those hips like nobody's business! I want to be like them when I grow up.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: it really is ridiculous how much fun we have playing dress-up as full fledged adults. Thanks to the entire team who put so much effort into making the night so much fun. They've announced next year's theme already: Recycled Wedding Reception. So dust off your old bridesmaid dresses, pull out that fancy wedding dress, and be prepared to macarena the night away!


tlk said...

I vote for Doug as Jimmy. What a handsome young man. How did he miss the ugly stick beatings his brothers received?

Munchkin said...

first of all tlk, doug looked like a child molester... second of all, i prefer surly, not bitter

Mitch said...

Were those Hickory shorts regulation length? Raise those hem lines another 2-3 inches men!

Tina said...

Love, love love the pictures! It is times like that when I wish we lived closer.

Munchin, you are hot. I don't care if you can't hula-hoop.


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