Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things That Bring My Smile Back

I promised last week that I wasn't coming back until I had something happy and upbeat to share. I think most of you know me well enough to realize I couldn't stay away too long. Maybe it's just me forcing myself to find the silver lining, but I've found myself relishing those little moments that have made me smile - if not full-on laugh out loud - and felt it would be appropriate to share some of those things which have brought sunshine to my days. We're bringing the happy back, one little moment at a time.


Shortcake's love of anything and everything school related. Her first music concert is this week and to say she's excited about it would be a serious understatement. Add that to a trip to the district's art show on Sunday afternoon to find which piece of her artwork was on display and a hot lunch of corn dogs on Monday and you've just about described perfection as far as Shortcake is concerned. She even takes joy in doing homework and she's so proud of herself as she announces, "See, Mom, I'm learning to read!".


Ice cream. Even in the depths of winter, ice cream can always bring a smile to my face.


Punkin. Everything about her makes me smile as long as in that moment she's not acting in a way that makes me want to sell her to the traveling circus. She's hit that stage where I realize she's much closer to being a four year old than a three year old; all of the sudden she seems so much more grown up which is both fun and slightly depressing. She's quickly leaving behind any remaining chance I had of claiming her as a baby, but the trade-off is a quick witted little girl with excellent comedic timing. The best part for me is that she has no idea how funny she really is, cracking me up with the most hilarious facial expressions, honest responses that leave me giggling despite my best effort to remain serious, and special quirks only Punkin could dream up. Prime examples: with the most sincere expression and heartfelt explanations she tried to convince me a monster was responsible for tearing apart her blanket and in an attempt to cure me during my washing machine sobfest she dramatically waved her hands over my head in a "Abracadabra" manner as a remedy to my sadness.


The giddiness demonstrated by The General brought on by the combination of a new video game, high definition cable, and his new TV. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I swear.


Shortcake & Punkin's love for the Olympics. They come by it naturally having a mother and grandmother who watch their fair share of Olympic coverage. Ski jumping and ice skating are among their favorites, and Shortcake's practice attempts at a living room triple toe loop tonight was classic. Also making me smile: during a heated game of Hide-And-Go-Sheep (yes, sheep, don't ask), I realized it was taking an unusually long time for Shortcake to find me and it had been awhile since I heard sounds of her searching. From my hideout in the kitchen, I tip-toed into the living room (the last location where I heard her giggling) to find her sitting comfortably in the chair, captivated by bobsled action. Apparently searching for her lost mother becomes an afterthought when there's televised programming of people hurtling down a track in a fiberglass tube.


This get-up. I really can't single out any one thing, but the whole ensemble just kills me. The look on her face, the fierce stance, the too-small slippers that she still insists on wearing (they are stretched to the limit and the big toe on her right foot is peeking out, yet still she's convinced they fit just fine), collar tucked in, the ridiculous way she wears the matching headband creating a mushroom like poof of hair despite my best efforts to show her a more stylish alternative . . .

Anytime she struts out of her bedroom dressed in this manner, I can't help but let loose a nice, healthy laugh.


This post, quite possibly my all-time favorite, by The Enforcer over at Tru Stories. To say this post is my favorite is saying a lot because I find The Enforcer quite hilarious on a regular basis, and I'm not just saying that because she scares me (that would be The General's reasoning). We've all lived to tell about outings like The Enforcer's trip to Wal-Mart today, but I could laugh and smile all the live long day because I wasn't the one living the experience this time. It makes my heart happy to know I'm not alone in my desire to occasionally deliver a mid-grocery shopping beat down.


Grammy said...

Glad you are back Mrs. I missed you. I wish Punkin & Tink lived next door to each other. Seeing Punkin dressed up is like a mirror of our Tink. Can that really be in their DNA?

Tru Stories said...

Seeing her dressed like that reminds me of Tink. And...it very much reminds me of Munchkin. Making me a little nervous, if Tink is like Punkin and Punkin is like Munchkin...then that means Tink must also be like her distant cousin.
And not just in their tiny, munchkin size.
Oh...god...no. I am scared.

Also, thanks for the shout out.

Munchkin said...

so you're finally on to my evil plan of creating mini me's

Anonymous said...

You just make me smile! Gramma Poke/Mom

Anonymous said...

I must admit I got a chuckle out of Shortcake getting into those corndogs! Look out Bolen hips. Punkin and my second born are definately related. I can truly relate. It's almost March so you can smile :)


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