Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Question For The Peanut Gallery

In honor of election Tuesday in this great (?) state of ours, let's take a moment for a quick poll on the following question:

Is there anything more infuriating than a child who does not listen?

I'd like to argue that the answer to that question is a resounding, absolute no.

At school today:

Moments after a student picked a whistle out of the prize drawer as a reward for good work, I reminded her that blowing whistles in the hallway is not allowed. She looked at me, put the whistle to her lips, and blew ever so quietly. I was not amused and don't think I didn't seriously contemplate taking that hard earned whistle right out of her hands.

Today I reminded a student three times not to lean back on his chair while working at my table citing all the safety reasons as to why that rule applies. Three times he returned to his reclined position totally ignoring my request. Is it wrong that I was secretly wishing he might fall backwards - only stumbling and not sustaining any physical harm, of course - so that I could smugly state, "See, that's why your chair belongs on the floor"?

With my own children this afternoon/evening:

Upon arriving to the sitter's at the end of the school day, I asked Punkin to come to the door so that we could put on her shoes. She decided instead that playfully running away from me sounded like a much better idea. Apparently she has not lived with me long enough to realize that these kinds of games at the end of the school day are not my idea of a fun time. When she finally came over to where I was standing with her shoes, she laid down on the ground and repeatedly slithered her body or pulled her feet away from me. Again, I was less amused.

While preparing their dinner (confession: by "preparing" I mean placing their chicken nuggets & french fries obtained from our local Golden Arches on a paper plate, all gourmet style), I asked Punkin not to open the drawer I was standing directly in front of. Five seconds later she did it anyway. I believe the look on my face was all the clue Punkin needed to know that I was not impressed with her decision making skills in that particular moment.

Following dinner, I asked Shortcake to go to her room to put on her pajamas. Instead of moving toward her room she instead stopped directly in front of the television. I repeated my request. Still she stood in front of the television so I announced in a very clear and direct manner: GO PUT ON YOUR PAJAMAS RIGHT NOW. Apparently my calm voice does not break the iCarly sound barrier.

There were other instances of blatant disregard by my daughters tonight, just enough to make me understand why a parent with fewer resources and shakier mental status might resort to beating disobedient children. Luckily I have this blog and you readers to turn to as my mini-therapy, so while I have your attention I'll ask one more time:

Is there anything more infuriating than a child who does not listen?

And if you choose to answer that there is, indeed, something more infuriating, please share what that might be.


Munchkin said...

1. when they forget the bacon on your bacon cheeseburger at Culver's
2. when the biggest loser claims there's a big medical emergency, but come to find out its not a crisis at all and someone just had a tummy ache
3. how slow the MC kids eat their ice cream
4. the fact that the graduation present the MC bought me didn't cost them a penny
5. rental cars with no XM radio (how will I make my morning commute)

The MC said...

There is nothing more infuriating than a child who does not listen, especially when that child proceeds to scream, cry, and otherwise tantrum after refusing to listen.

you can call me al said...

unless it's 7th Heaven's youngest throwing the tantrum and then the peanut gallery thinks it hilarious :)

All kidding aside, I would have to agree with you whole-heartedly, Mrs.!

Grammy said...

Why would you put a whistle in the prize box if they can't blow it? Just asking.
By the way, we missed you. You seem stressed. You need a dance.

Anonymous said...

Is the Mrs. PMSing??? Just kidding. I hear ya sister! Hang in there. This too shall pass. You need a vacation to MI and the cuz can watch the girls while you have some fun!!

Anonymous said...

last post has to be from K Vann....We can spot a PMSing a mile away! Gramma Poke

We've been there!

Anonymous said...

Tummy ache / appendicitis!!! It's VERY frustrating when it happens at work and then again at home. I agree with Grammy you need to DANCE!! Doc

Munchkin said...

who has appendicitis?

flag girl said...

I agree.......Lets Dance!!!! All the way back to 1955!!!

Rikki said...

No. There is NOTHING more frustrating. With my two, I have found that yelling like a damn foghorn doesn't even faze them in their SpongeBob trance.

tlk said...

Have you used "Four on the Floor"? That worked sometimes at DTHS.

Anonymous said...

We have been there gramma poke and it ain't pretty!! Something in the genes I guess. Which aunt do we take after??? hmmm let me guess


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