Friday, February 26, 2010

Peace Like A River

Throw 40 kindergartners dressed to the nines in a gymnasium, plant them on risers, and hand them a variety of percussion instruments, and "peace like a river" isn't exactly the first thought that comes to mind. The exception to this rule was last night's music concert, the first of what I'm sure will be many for Shortcake.

Shortcake has been waiting anxiously for the evening of her musical debut for weeks, and at last the night finally arrived. An email was sent out to all immediate family, a minor disagreement about what she would wear took place the morning of (her = Halloween costume or flower girl dress; me = Christmas outfit), and several practice runs through her speaking part was all the preparation she needed to feel fully ready.

Yesterday was a huge day. The General took the day off work. Shortcake was picked up after school instead of riding the bus to the babysitter's as is typical procedure. Gramma & Papa Poke arrived at our house early armed with homemade lasagna, salad, Avanti's bread, broccoli & cookies. Punkin announced that the meal was "The best supuh evuh". Dinner was consumed and children were dressed at a frantic pace conjuring up painful memories from my own childhood. Naturally, my father and I coped with the mayhem by making fun of my mother.

Also attending last night's concert in support of Shortcake was Cari, Great Grama Poke, and Big Papa. Shortcake was slightly bummed that her cousins were not in attendance - showing little empathy for the fact that one of her cousins was participating in a very important evening of her own or that two of her other cousins likely didn't feel like traveling two hours round trip on a school night for a 25 minute concert - but was excited to have several important people there to watch her classroom's performance. Just before the concert started, I turned to The General and asked him if it felt weird to him that we were in the gymnasium/cafeteria for a concert for our child. It's moments like last night when it's like a slap in the face reminder that Shortcake is growing up. Granted, it's not eighth grade night like Relish, AL and BOTD participated in last night or watching her walking across the stage at her college graduation as Big Papa wisely pointed out. Still, though, at times it's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that our little girl is old enough to participate in these types of moments.

Because the high school auditorium is currently inaccessible due to massive renovations, this year's kindergarten concert was split up into four separate nights with each evening featuring two different classes (yes, math majors, that means our relatively small town sports eight kindergarten classrooms). The children were adorable as they walked in, scanning the crowd for familiar faces. I think Shortcake was happy to see me.

Aren't they all adorable?!?!?

PS - Don't tell anyone I told you, but Shortcake thinks the boy standing in the third row up next to the girl in pink is cute. She asked her Gramma after the concert if Gramma also found the little heartbreaker cute as well. I think Gramma approved. Today I learned another one of those little whippersnappers planted a kiss on Shortcake's forehead. Good timing on his part, considering The General might have taken it upon himself to have a little chat with this young man had this event happened yesterday afternoon.

As Shortcake's principal was thanking everyone for attending and running through a quick list of rules, I snapped this picture of our nervous Nelly chomping away at her fingers. Knowing her big moment in the spotlight was quickly approaching was starting to get the best of her I think.

No need to fret, though, Shortcake. You delivered your line ("Welcome to our concert") with poise, grace, and dignity. You handled the moment much better than your mother who was actively fighting back tears from behind the camera.

This blog post just wouldn't be complete without video for those of you unable to attend last night's event. Please notice in the second video how I was able to capture Shortcake's complete inability to clap along to the beat. Hilarious stuff, but don't be hatin' on the white girl with no rhythm. At least she wasn't the kid playing air trumpet.

The concert was swift, consisting of five songs and lasting a total of twenty-five minutes. As excited as Shortcake was for her concert, she was equally thrilled when she discovered she'd be back home in time to watch the new episode of Survivor. As if that wasn't exciting enough, a post-concert treat of cake and ice cream topped off the evening.

Now that her musical talents have been showcased publicly, I'm just waiting for the calls from Hollywood to start pouring in.


Grammy said...

So cute and talented.

AuntieM said...

How adorable!!!!!! i just love these blogs!! makes me feel like i'm right there with you all!! Great Jod shortcake!!!

AuntieM said...

even a greater job!!!

Munchkin said...

were they singing or yelling about the lady bugs? i can't believe she's old enough for music concerts at school, but big papa is right at least she isn't walking for graduation from college yet :)

The MC said...

You looked great up there, Shortcake. Sorry we missed it!!!

Tina said...

Good job Shortcake! I wouldn't worry about her inability to clap on the off-beats, as her music teacher should know that it is difficult to do at that age. The lady bug song needed some choreography! (let me know if there's a music opening....)

Anonymous said...

awww, how cute! Shortcake is adorable. You will shed many tears missy as these days do pass way too quickly. Treasure them! Brought back memories of my two at all the school funtions I attended for years upon years.

G. P. said...

I watched the videos. How precious!! She looked adorable!


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