Thursday, February 11, 2010

No Need For The Alarm Clock This Morning

5:05 am . . . 5:16 am . . . 5:33 am . . . 5:47 am . . . 6:06 am . . . 6:17 am . . . 6:36 am . . . 6:54 am . . . 7:14 am . . .

As reliable as the snooze feature on my alarm, the flu bug has now taken up residence in Punkin's body and she's been throwing up approximately every 15 minutes for the last hour and a half. God bless her though as her awareness of when she's going to be sick and accuracy for making the bucket are nothing short of impressive.

The saying goes "you learn something new every day". With the day still so young, I've already made that saying true for me today; today I learned my baby is without a doubt the most cheerful puker I've ever met in my life. I also learned today that Shortcake is so incredibly nurturing when her little sister is sick, nurturing enough to make her an outstanding nurse. Unfortunately, her insanely quick gag reflex/propensity toward the sympathy puke leads me to believe this may not be a viable career choice for her.

*short pause in blogging action*

. . . 7:34 am . . . right on cue. It could be a long day.


Grammy said...

Hope Mrs. and General had flu shots so they are not sick on Saturday! You have had a loooong week!

Tina said...

Feel better, Punkin! (And hang in there, Mrs. and General!)

The MC said...

Feel better, Punkin!!! Don't get sick, Mrs. and General!!


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