Monday, January 25, 2010

Two Down, Eighteen To Go

Not long after losing her first tooth just before Christmas, it was discovered that the tooth adjacent to the now missing tooth was also loose. Which means for the next two weeks Shortcake spent countless amounts of time touching, wiggling, poking, and examining said loose tooth. The General and I attempted an tooth pulling intervention yesterday afternoon to no avail, but tonight's attempt was met with success. It started by Shortcake announcing that her day was "just okay" mostly because her tooth was hurting her. We talked about it, she expressed her desire for the tooth to be removed, and I was able to gain access by promising to try the painless dental floss technique used by my mom. That dang tooth was so stinkin' loose though that I couldn't even begin to wrap the floss around the tooth. Instead I resorted to the age old "grab it with a kleenex and yank" method. One tiny "ouch!" from Shortcake and it was all over.

I can vividly remember the excitement of having a loose tooth with the subsequent visit from the Tooth Fairy when the tooth finally fell out. Now, as a parent, loose teeth are just g-r-o-s-s, gross. The payoff? Watching the joy on her face when that tooth finally comes out. She's really holding out for a yo-yo delivery by the Tooth Fairy this time around, and I'm hoping I can catch the Tooth Fairy on his way home from his day job to explain that he might want to make a quick stop at Wal-Mart before driving home.


The MC said...

The tooth fairy brings toys to your house?!?! Don't tell my boys -- half the time T.F. forgets to even show up at our house!

Anonymous said...

The kleenex has been the best removal method for Bubba as well! We got the first two out within a week, and now it's been like 4 weeks since and no new action! Keep up the good work!

The General said...

Some kid a school got a yo-yo for his tooth so she said last time that she hoped to get a yo-yo. We hoped she would forget about it, but apparently the first thing she said after the tooth came out was "I hope the tooth fairy brings me a yo-yo this time!" Bad night for the battery to die on my phone I guess.

parker said...

I remember I when I lost my first molar. It was a sunday in the summer and we were camping. I was eating one of those big sourdough pretzels. I remember thinking "If I get a 50cent piece for a little tooth...I wonder if I will get a silver dollar for this tooth?!"

I didn't. I should have asked for a yo-yo.

And, I still don't like sourdough hard pretzels.


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