Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stylish and Beautiful

In case you're wondering, the adjectives featured in the title of this post are those which these fierce and fabulous sisters declared themselves to be following their haircuts this evening.

One sister was not exactly an eager model following her much needed hair cut. As pictured here it's obvious that for this prima donna those adjectives apply solely to her new 'do. Her facial expression - so posed because she didn't want her picture taken - are far from either stylish or beautiful. Unless she's going for that pouty Kate Moss look, in which case she totally nailed it.


Grammy said...

Sometimes I just want to close my eyes until I'm used to my new hair cut too. Those are styling cuts.

The MC said...

So cute!!! I need the name of their stylist. My hair is looking a little rough.

flag girl said...

Cute hairstyles!

you can call me al said...

Two gorgeous girls!


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