Friday, January 15, 2010

Stuff. Everywhere.

As I walked out of school this afternoon, I took a quick look back on the last five days. To sum it up best? I sort of feel like I was caught in the middle of a tornado for the majority of the week and the chaos abruptly dumped me out in the middle of my home which, from the looks of it, also appears to be the site of some sort of violent tornadic activity.

Now, if any of you were to come into our house at this very moment, you probably wouldn't think much of it. There are a few breakfast & lunch dishes piled up waiting to be washed, a couple of toys scattered about on the living room floor, and our bed sits unmade but for the most part it doesn't look so bad. As I look around my home tonight, however, I see a very different picture.

The floors are filthy. A not so fine layer of dust covers nearly every surface. Laundry is piled high and the basket of clothes which needs to be ironed continues to grow. Sheets need to be stripped. The bathrooms are beginning to look like a biohazard zone.

Then there's the organizational mess. The closets - bedroom, foyer, and two in the hallway - are beginning to look like that of Monica's secret closet.

There is a TV sitting on my bedroom floor, hardware from the not-yet-completely-assembled TV stand and spare cables covering a chair, and cardboard/Styrofoam packaging sitting in both the foyer and bedroom. Tools rest on the display case in the dining room and the dining room window treatments remain unfinished. I still have not put the more than 1,000 pictures I had developed over Christmas break into albums. We have yet to replace the two light fixtures in the kitchen which are only partially functional. I have at least two pieces of wall art for the dining room waiting to be placed in their permanent home but for now have taken up residence on the living room floor, under our bed, or in our bedroom closet. The bathroom drawers are a nightmare. I open my dresser with great trepidation and clothes that Shortcake & Punkin have outgrown are strewn about inside their closets in a heap.

I'm quite aware how trivial these issues are in light of all that's going on in the world right now, but they are driving me crazy. I feel like I'm about one garbage bag shy of earning my own episode of Hoarders. If you know me well enough you realize that making inventory of all of these tasks puts me near crisis mode.

So I am going to spend the long weekend rectifying this issue with wild abandon. And just in case anyone's looking for something to do, would one of you be interested in hosting two young children to aid in my cause? I can't promise you they'll arrive on your doorstep with clean clothes but they are certainly entertaining to have around.


Tina said...

If only you would have posted this yesterday, my mom and dad could have brought the girls up with them...

Anonymous said...

I had the Hoarders thought myself this week. :o)

Stumbled upon your blog by accident -- enjoying it! Thanks!


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