Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So This Is What Living In A Frat House Must Be Like

During baths tonight the girls were especially giggly. It was an infectious laughter, a classic belly shaking, side aching, laughing so hard you can't even talk laughter. Chalk it up to a case of the mid-week sillies perhaps, but whatever it was that put them in such a good mood tonight is something that I would like to bottle up and save to hand out during those less than chipper times.

As I was helping the girls dry off the humor was kicked up a notch from little girl silliness to adolescent boy humor. The girls spent a good three minutes flashing me and each other laughing hysterically every time. I made the mistake of mentioning something along the lines of "Nobody wants to see you in your birthday suit" which of course led to a discussion about what makes up someone's birthday suit. Both girls took that and ran with it, standing in the hallway saying to the other through almost uncontrollable laughter, "Hey! Look at my birthday suit!" (or "Hey! Wook at my buhfday suit!" in the case of Punkin).

I tried to bring things back to order after about five minutes instructing Punkin to go into her room to put on pajamas while I finished brushing Shortcake's hair. Just as I thought things were finally starting to settle down Punkin walked out of her bedroom - wearing only her buhfday suit - stood just inside the bathroom door, placed her hands on her hip, opened her mouth to talk and instead let one rip. A classic bare cheeked, wall rattling, totally unladylike toot.

And the crowd, once again, went wild.

I seriously thought Shortcake was going to pee all over herself from laughing so hard at her little sisters comedic timing. I will admit that I couldn't help but laugh myself. And can I just tell you how proud it makes me to know we're raising such docile, well mannered young women? Yikes.


KelNosz said...

I actually lived in a frat house for four years in college, and yes, that's what it's like, lol!

Grammy said...

I really enjoy reading about such carefree happy little girls! There is enough time for them to worry about be ladies. Maybe Punkin never will worry about that. We already know they will be confident, happy women. They will know how to laugh until they cry.

The Sancken's said...

Oh my! This is exactly the tales I need this early in the morning! Puts a great start to my day! Hopefully they don't go to school and explain to other kids what a Birthday Suit is.....haha! :)

Anonymous said...

Those are our Girls! I can just see and hear the whole bath time going on. I am sure Pumpkin was loud as she spoke.
Oh my, we do have our hands full. Love it, Gramma Poke.

Rikki said...


We had company a while back and after claiming everyone's attention Harper yelled "FIRE ON THE POOP DECK!" and let one rip.

She has to work on her manners, but damn it was funny.

We need to get our classy little ladies together soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Leave it to a fart to bring laughter into a room! She will be able to outdo any boy :)

Tina said...

That type of behavior will certainly drive the boys wild at school. :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh...a girl after my own fart. I mean HEART!

Sounds like it was a real "ripsnorter"!


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