Sunday, January 17, 2010

She Ain't Lyin'

Tonight during dinner the following exchange took place. It appears as though Punkin has it all figured out. Now we're doomed.

The Mrs.: (exasperated after the tenth request for Punkin to sit in the chair and eat dinner) Punkin, sometimes you drive me crazy.
Punkin: (playing with her carrot) Nooo, you drive me cuhwazy.
The Mrs.: Yeah, well, welcome to my world.
Punkin: (still playing with her carrot but oh-so-coyly peering up at me with anything but innocent blue eyes) It's not yo woold. It's my woold*.
The General: Truer worlds have never been spoken.

*Translation: It's not your world. It's my world


Munchkin said...


you can call me al said...

Good luck!

Grammy said...

It is good that Punkin & Tink do not live in the same town. They think too much alike.

Munchkin said...

does anyone else have to urge to put tink and punkin in a room together by themselves for awhile... just to see what happens??

Anonymous said...

Too Cute....


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