Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Two weeks worth of vacation. More than fourteen days away from the daily grind of work and school. How did we spend that time when we weren't celebrating Christmas?

Bowling With Children
At the beginning of the second week of break, the girls and I braved blistery cold weather to meet up with Shortcake & Punkin's BFFs, Walker & Texas Ranger, for a game of bowling.

Seeing as how our girls have only experienced bowling via the Wii, I was slightly apprehensive at first. Even The General gave Shortcake a warning the night before telling her "You know bowling for real is a lot different than bowling on the Wii".

No balls were cracked, there were no wayward tosses backward toward the viewing gallery, and all fingers remained intact and uncrushed. Giggles were plentiful, hugs were fierce, and a post-game lunch at McDonald's was the perfect end to a fun day with friends. Shortcake's highlight? A strike! Gotta love those bumpers.

Easy Bake, Whatcha Gonna Make?

One of the items on Shortcake's Christmas list this year was an Easy Bake Oven. I pined for one of my very own as a youngster, and while my initial reaction to hearing her request was "I'm not paying $16 for a plastic oven when she can just use my oven if she's really in the baking mood," I decided it was time to live out my Easy Bake dreams by making my daughter's dream come true. I thought it was only appropriate that this gift come from GG, and I'm unsure of which of our girls was more excited upon unwrapping it.

Shortcake could not wait to break in her oven and finally did so with a classic yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

I was generous enough to split the cake evenly among the girls, but they reported that the creation was worthy of a "two thumbs up" rating.

Girls Night Out
A delicious dinner at Chili's in which I ate so much I felt as though I might need to be rolled out to the car, more talk about poop than should be allowed for mentally healthy people, perfume sampling leaving the Seventh Heaven mobile smelling like a house full of cheap hoo-ers, cruising through Hawthorne stalking the rich, and a quick recap of the night's events at MC HQ...all in a night's festivities for the ladies of the family.

Not Exactly The Lombardi Trophy But It Will Do

The General joined a new fantasy league this year and in true playa fashion he won the whole dadgum thing. Regular season and Superbowl championship payout is slightly more lucrative in the NTL league than our little OCH league, and as a congratulatory gift to himself The General brought home this little gem to commemorate his winning season.

What you see here is 46 inches of TV watching and Wii playing goodness. I like to think I'm still the love of his life, but something tells me that if a Blu-Ray player makes its way into our home I am totally screwed.

Ringing In The New Year
In total impromptu fashion, we hosted a New Year's Eve gathering at our house this year. Big Papa, Munchkin, Mr. & Mrs. MC and friends Jason & Val joined us for an evening of TV stand assembly, flat screen installation, games, snacks, and drinks. It was a fun night with lots of laughs (after the initial tension of swapping out entertainment centers/TVs 30 minutes before the arrival of guests subsided), but 4 am bedtimes and I just do not mesh any longer.

Following our fun New Year's Eve, The General and I spent an evening out on the town with some of his extended family. Great company, a delicious dinner at Turtle's, entertainment by a funny comedian (not counting the opening act which I am trying to block out) and talk of the upcoming sweetheart sockhop dance on February 13th was the perfect way to spend a Friday night. Thanks again for the invite, Enforcer!

Time spent in our pajamas during this Christmas vacation hit an all-time high. My children did not wear anything other than PJs from New Year's Eve (Thursday) until mid-day Sunday. Before you turn up your nose in disgust, they were bathed and sleepwear was switched out daily but I just didn't find it necessary to change out of comfy jammies. I only began to feel guilty when Sunday morning Punkin looked at me with sad eyes and pleaded, "Can we please put real clothes on today?".

I know I'm spoiled having two weeks off during one of the busiest times of the year. Those two weeks definitely had their low moments, but as always I thoroughly enjoyed my time at home. Both girls were ready to get back to our normal routine by this morning, and as much as I love routines I have to say I wouldn't have minded a few extra days of lounging and loafing at home.


Katie said...

Is that the Samsung?? We have the same one in our living room. Love it!!! Mrs, definitely be careful with the blue-ray player.... Matt has a PS3 and most days he doesn't realize when I'm even in the house with him.

Grammy said...

You really packed some fun into that two weeks. Your girls are very lucky to have such a great Mom. That sure isn't what my Easy Bake Oven looked like when I was a kid.

em said...

At least your wedding picture hangs above the Samsung--maybe he'll catch a glimpse of it and think of you on occasion.

The General said...

I'm hoping one of these days that the Mrs and the girls will let me watch it.

Mitch said...

Dadgum General! Way to go sweeping the new fantasy football league!


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