Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sledding In A Winter Wonderland

There are not many things I love about winter and the list of things I do love about this season seems to get smaller and smaller with each passing year. Today served as a reminder, though, of those things I still hold near and dear about winter and life in general.

I love the look of kids all decked out in their winter gear.

I love sledding, especially when the element of climbing up slippery hills is eliminated.

I love watching children attempt to run through snow when laden down with heavy boots and multiple layers of clothing all the while having compromised balance due to restricted use of their arms.

I also love watching children wipe out when total balance is lost (but only if the victim shouts "I'm okay!" or laughs upon impact).

I love family willing to use part of their valuable vacation time to make a fun day of memories for their nieces and nephews.

I love snow angels.

I love this angel.

I love good old fashioned snow ball fights so long as all participants abide by the "not in the face" rule.

I love older cousins willing to give in to the demands of their younger cousins, parading those younger cousins around as if they are the royalty they have convinced themselves they are.

I love unorthodox, dare devil tubing maneuvers.

I love that this beast is actually more afraid of Punkin than Punkin is of the beast.

I love these kids and their imagination, determination, and dedication to make an awesome snow fort.

I love his sweet face.

And I love his orneriness.

I love when adults manhandle small, innocent children in an attempt to get in some of their own tubing time.

I love that the little cutie in red sang "Jingle Bells" the entire time her older sister was pulling her up the lane in the toboggan. I also love that the older sister is growing up into such an amazing young lady and brave enough to tolerate the tormenting of her aunts (and uncles).

I love that even though she's almost a doctor she's still a total goofball.

I love Geo's pizza, beef rolls, and cheese nuggets. I also love that nearly all the children can eat independently in a room other than that where the adults dine.

And I love gathering around the table together, sharing stories and laughing until our sides ache.

(Just for fun: click here to read one of the earliest posts on The Life and Times at One Carbon Hill, a recap of our last family sledding adventure at The Homestead.)


The MC said...

I love you guys!!! It was worth it after all!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the post and pictures. Big Papa looks like he has it all under control! Happy New Year Everyone! Gramma Poke

you can call me al said...

I'll second that MC!

Thanks for making great memories with us yesterday!

And all the best to you in 2010, Gramma Poke!

Tina said...

What an awesome day!


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