Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Quick Question

Which do you find more surprising?

The fact that my uncle (he who tormented his nieces and nephews like none other) showed up to the wedding looking so GQ in a stylish suit...

...or the fact that he engaged in full on lip lock with his nephew (aka the groom) not once, not twice, but three times?

Whichever you find more shocking, let's just all pray that his young son was not as traumatized by the turn of events as we were.

Love you, B - thanks for providing one of the highlights of the evening (and thanks to Mitch for the great blog post idea)!


BIG BAD said...

Happy Birthmonth, Happy Birthweek and Happy Birthday to the Boss at One Carbon Hill.

Munchkin said...

yeah, what he said

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mrs!!!


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