Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pajama Christmas Makes You Do Crazy Things

Mrs. MC, the hostess of The General's family's Christmas, declared this year to be the first (and hopefully annual) Pajama Christmas. We were given instructions to show up in our jammies and warned that presents would not be awarded to anyone not showing up in the appropriate attire. You will never find me arguing with someone instructing me to wear pajamas all day long, so I was totally up for the idea. Plus, given the amount of food I consummed Sunday, I have to say kudos to Mrs. MC for the brilliant idea because elastic waistband pants were an absolute necessity.

One unforeseen side effect of this declaration was that apparently pajama Christmas also means gone-crazy Christmas, as demonstrated below.

Who's a naughty kitty? I think she shops at Sears.

Homemade snorkel and bib. Isn't okay to be confused - the kids were too.

Drinking from the other side of the glass. At least she could bend her arms & legs!

A little Eau de Britney Spears for The General

Plank Contest Fail.

And plank contest victory
(two time champion for those of you keeping track)

Board games and cards have officially been replaced with Just Dance for Wii.

Seventh Heaven can blame their lack of dance scholarships on that man in the orange.

It's a game for all ages, and Tank's facial expressions are almost as priceless as some The Bride captured of The General.

Shocked that he actually still claims us all

A very special thanks to Shortcake who grabbed the camera and captured some classic shots. A future blogger in the making? Wouldn't that be sweet revenge for all the tales I've weaved over the years...


Anonymous said...

You guys just have toooooooo much fun. Merry Christmas to all of you. Gramma Poke

Parker said...

Does Big Papa sleep in his jeans?

Looks like you guys had fun!

Munchkin said...

work it you naughty kitty

Tru Stories said...

I really want to push, The General's other side to have a PJ Christmas...maybe if the cooler cousins do it, ours will get on board.
It also appears, someone in another country REALLY appreciated the idea..


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