Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas To Me

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with The General's family. We filled ourselves to the point of nauseousness, laughed a lot, and rolled in about 3:30 am this morning. The General is currently at work for his annual training and somehow still going after being awake for over twenty-six hours as of this moment. The girls and I are surprisingly chipper. I think it has a lot to do with this fact: the girls received the Fisher-Price Loving Family Grand Dollhouse with kitchen and dining room sets from their Big Papa.

They have been playing with it since 9:30 am. That's four hours of cooperative play with only one minor disturbance to the glorious peace and quiet when Punkin hit Shortcake over the head with the grill that came with the bonus patio set.

As much as they appear to love this gift, it is I who am enjoying it most thoroughly. Thank you, Big Papa, for bringing so much happiness to our home in the hectic four days before Christmas. I never knew a dollhouse could bring so much joy to my life.

Of course, I am about to ruin that joy with a trip to the mall and Bed, Bath & Beyond, but the memory of the last four blissful hours may sustain me through the nightmare we are about to endure.


The MC said...

Way to go, Papa!!!!

The MC said...

Also, does dancing by myself on the Wii make me a loser? :)

Anonymous said...

Glad it is getting use at your house....Monkey got it last year and doesn't play with it often. But, Bubba isn't too maybe if she had a sister to play with....
Enjoy girls, it's darn cute!!! Great job Papa!

Tru Stories said...

Tink got the same exact house for her second birthday. She stills plays with it, nearly every single day. Totally, worth every penny.

Munchkin said...

yes MC


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