Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Would Prefer To Wake Up To The Sound Of Someone Banging On Pots & Pans

So, last night was fun. Approximately 1 am, deep in slumber and toasty warm in my blanket cocoon, I suddenly found myself dashing into Punkin’s room for reasons which even now aren’t entirely clear. I rushed out of my bedroom, still more than half asleep, and vaguely recall The General sitting on Punkin's bed, holding her in his lap, somewhat shouting in the most panicked voice I’ve ever heard him use, “Get it out! Come on, sweetie, try to cough”. I think I grabbed her from him, began pounding on her back for reasons that were still unknown to me in that moment and may have done a quick finger sweep of her mouth as well, the whole time feeling drowsy but knowing somewhere deep in my soul that I should be very concerned about the scene playing out in front of me.

I don’t know how much time elapsed, but I do remember Punkin taking a deep breath, a cough, and then a cry. The General let out a heavy, shaky sigh as I pulled her to me and rocked her back and forth. I think he may have asked me if she was breathing, and I also think I asked at some point, “What just happened?” because I was still foggy on what had unfolded. He got her a drink of water, I asked her if she wanted to sleep with me, and she politely declined telling us instead that she just wanted to sleep in her own bed. The General tucked her in and within three caresses of her head she was back out.

Apparently The General, from his spot in the living room, heard Punkin begin to choke. He ran to her room and found her face down on her pillow struggling for air. He must have yelled for me at that point; I don’t recall ever hearing my name being called nor do I remember hearing Punkin struggling for air. I must have subconsciously; why else would I have catapulted myself from my bed into her room? The poor guy was seriously shaken up, and I’m sure if I had been more alert I would have been equally frantic. As I’m sitting her recalling the events I realize how scary that must have been for him, hearing her struggling for air. I don’t know what caused her to choke, but it is bone chilling to play the “What if” game in this scenario. I'm sure it's related to the cold she's now sporting, but all I know is that I am very grateful for The General’s night owl tendencies, that he was still awake to hear her, and that he was so quick to respond.

I went back into my room after Punkin was back asleep, climbed back into bed, and was asleep again myself within seconds. I woke up this morning instantly trying to recall what happened hours before and was comforted by the all too familiar demands for breakfast and television by a very healthy, sassy-as-ever Punkin. It’s definitely a scene I don’t need to be a part of ever again.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that is very scary. Happy to hear she went right back to sleep and the General is on top of things.

flag girl said...

Wow! And I thought Tru Stories day went bad! As for the General....lets keep him!

Barb said...

Holy scariness! I'm glad everything turned out alright for Punkin and all of you guys :) Thank goodness for that superstar husband of yours; I'm sure he was scared out of his mind.


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