Friday, December 18, 2009

He Handles Choking Incidences With Much More Grace

Punkin had a rough night Wednesday night. She has adopted the same cold that I’ve had since last week, and although she looks and feels much better than she did last Friday and Saturday, she’s still dealing with some ongoing congestion and an intermittent, hearty cough. Two nights ago she came into the living room a little after 10 pm complaining that she “just didn’t know what was wrong with (her)”. After a few leading questions it was discovered that her ear hurt. Not surprising considering the amount of mucus that child has expelled in the last five days or so.
After a little snuggle time and a dose of the wonder drug Motrin it was back to bed without incident. I fell asleep an hour or so after her, waking up for my hourly coughing fits between 1 and 3 am. A little before my last fit of the night I heard Punkin stirring in her bedroom and before long she began to whimper. I imagined that her ears were probably bothering her again so I got out of bed, walked into her room, picked her up, and began carrying her back to my bedroom to sleep with me until The General turned in for the night.

I was just at the doorway of her room as The General reached the same spot to check on her as well. Because I’m as stealth as a ninja assassin, he did not realize that I had gotten out of bed to tend to our youngest child’s ailments. As a result, his reaction to nearly colliding with me in the pitch-black hallway was to let out a yelp of shock/surprise/fear and make a quick dash in the opposite direction down the hallway. He recovered quickly after realizing that it was just me, his wife, and not some ghostly apparition or vicious kidnapper carrying Punkin from her room. This is not the first time we’ve had an encounter in the middle of the night like this one, and following such events I’m always left wondering. For as strong and tough as he is, would The General choose flight over fight if it WAS a stranger carrying our child out of her room in the middle of the night (God forbid)? I like to think that his instinct would be to save our children before he saved himself, but who really knows? I’m not even confident in what my reaction would be, but I’m starting to think that if I do this to him many more times he’s going to start plotting his revenge just to test me. I’m pretty sure I took a couple four years off his life that night with our latest run-in.

Also, I feel like I’m having a dejavu moment. Have I blogged about this before? Because if feels like I have. Is this a sign that I’ve been blogging too long, that I’m repeating topics without really realizing it? Or is it just a sign that my life is so boring that this type of life moment warrants mentioning twice? I guess if YOUR life is that boring you can comb the archives and confirm whether or not this has been blogged about previously. Maybe I feel the need to post this twice because there’s something just so stinkin’ funny (and admitedly sinister) about seeing The General scared (in a totally innoent, non-threatening situation) to the point of screaming like a school girl.


Katie said...

I have to say, Matt is a bit disturbed to hear this latest story. As I read it to him, his reaction was 'maybe The General needs a new alias, perhaps Ballerina? And maybe a new job that is better suited to his delicate sensibilities, like a pastry chef or a librarian.'
Yes, General, my husband has just challenged your manhood.

The General said...

The Mrs isn't afraid to embellish a bit for a good story.


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