Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting My Bah Humbugs Out Of The Way

Because it's Monday, because they're predicting snow followed by a "wintery mix" for Tuesday and Wednesday, and because cramps are making me snarly, snarky & snappy I'm going to take the cheer and sunshine down a notch for a brief moment for a classic game I like to call "You know what annoys me?". Feel free to play along in the comments section.

You know what annoys me?
  • Zits the size of Rhode Island
  • Finding a killer sale on the one item that would finish out our daughters' Christmas lists only to find that they're sold out online
  • Attempting to track down that same killer sale in the store to no avail
  • Waiting patiently for a package to arrive all weekend only to have it show up on the doorstep Monday afternoon
  • Getting out bid on eBay
  • Christmas wrapping paper stored in the attic (doubly annoying because that's where I told The General to leave it)
  • Wintery mix precipitation and single digit temperatures
  • Children who do not stay in bed when told
  • Trying to come up with dinner ideas every night (okay, so maybe not every night)
  • Feeling mega-exhausted all day long only to wake up with a burst of energy around 9:30 pm
  • Dust
  • Lifeless hair
  • The irresistible deliciousness of cookies and birthday cake
  • Subsequent birthday week weight gain
  • Pants that are tight as a result of birthday week weight gain


Munchkin said...

1. pants that are too tight as a result of 23 years of indiscretions
2. hair that has an incessant curly cue at the front that makes me look like a Grease wannabe
3. trying to come up with dinner ideas while simultaneously trying not to dirty dishes due to lack of a dishwasher
4. the fact that my queen bed is in des moines
5. work

The General said...

1. I cannot play "Who would you jack" for real.

Grammy said...

1. Having to drive 60 miles to work in winter precipitation.
2. The pressure to make Christmas perfect.

flag girl said...

1. Ordering Chicken McNuggets from the Drive thru, and they forget to throw in the sauce.

parker said...

Going on a warm weather vacation in the winter and realizing that the clothes that looked like crap in the summer look worse in the winter.

Tina said...

1. Baby weight that doesn't come off by itself. (You mean I have to work to get all of the ice cream I ate during my pregnancy off?)

2. Colds that don't go away.

3. The fact that we never get snow days in MN.

Tru Stories said...

1. Needing a nap so bad my eyes hurt and instead having to take care of my children.
2. Barely being able to recognize my husband, because he is gone so often.
3. Not having a cook.
4. Not having a maid.
5. ditto to General's number 1.


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