Thursday, December 24, 2009

All She Wants For Christmas... $10 and a yo-yo.

Goose egg on the forehead compliments of Punkin in the midst of a Dollhouse Debacle

Unfortunately for her and her high expectations, The Tooth Fairy had to spot Santa some cash this holiday season and left her instead with $2 and a nice note. We're down for the inflation argument, but these new teeth coming in may need a little assistance from orthodontia some day down the road, and wouldn't it be a shame if Shortcake had to live life with crooked teeth all because The Tooth Fairy had nothing left in the bank after going crazy on the teeth that fell out?

Shortcake declared upon waking up yesterday, "I want this tooth to come out today" and a mere fifteen minutes later she came sprinting into the room shrieking, "MOMMY! My tooth fell out!". According to her, she was taking a drink of water and the tooth just fell out. I wasn't present to verify her story, and if it's true I'm slightly concerned about the quality of our drinking water and what it might be doing to my teeth. Shockingly, there were no tears (from either of us) and she immediately started in on wiggling the not-yet loose neighbor tooth. I continually ask her to smile at me, still amazed at the gaping hole where there was just a tiny baby tooth.

A visit from The Tooth Fairy and Santa in two days time. Maybe the Easter Bunny and Cupid will join the party early too!


The MC said...

The Tooth Fairy came to our house last night, too (since she forgot to come many days in a row). How exciting for Shortcake!! Glad there were no tears from either of you!

you can call me al said...

Congratulations, Shortcake! You are growing up way tooooooo fast!


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