Sunday, November 8, 2009

You Might Think Their Favorite Color Was Green

On our many trips up and down I-55 last summer and now into the fall season we've been keeping a close eye on the windmills being installed between Dwight, Odell, and Pontiac. It's amazing to see how the structures have changed the landscape and unbelievable how fast they have been installed. It has made an otherwise ordinary trip quite exciting for the girls who exclaim, "I see the windmills!" with every trip past.

That excitement factor was multiplied Friday afternoon when, for the first time, we saw some in motion. "MOMMY! I see a windmill and IT'S MOVING!" screamed Shortcake from the backseat. Once Punkin finally focused on the correct location and also saw the three blades spinning you would have thought we were in the middle of a Hannah Montana concert, what with all the squealing going on. Functioning windmills was almost more excitement than our children could handle in one day.

So, Al Gore, you're welcome. There's really no need to send a thank you note commending me on raising such environmentally conscious children. I'm just doing my job as a mother in the new millennium. However, should you feel pressed to show your appreciation, may I suggest you express your gratitude by notifying the powers that be and getting a couple of those there windmills placed just a couple miles north of their current location? You know, if it's not asking too much.


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