Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Two Of Them Together Should Never Be Left Unsupervised

We drove down to fabulous Gridley last night, home of the world famous Hurloween celebration. Shortcake's flowergirl dress is being made by the mother of Poke's best man and she needed one more fitting before piecing the dress together. It's going to be adorable, and the two girls together in their matching dresses should be a sight to see.

Anyway, that information is just background. The real point of this post? My brother and Punkin. I can not explain to you how similar their personalities are. Honestly, it keeps me up at night thinking about what this child has in store for us during the high school years if this trend of "I act just like my uncle" continues. It doesn't take much to get a reaction out of Punkin - be it positive or negative - and Poke is the biggest antagonizer I know. The way he gets Punkin worked up to maximum crazy mode in a matter of moments is incredible. Two peas in a pod, those two, and it's a bit frightening to watch.

The three of us joined Poke & Cari and their friends Buddha and Rink for dinner at Monical's following Shortcake's dress fitting. It was a relatively uneventful meal and I was actually quite impressed with how well both Shortcake and Punkin did. It was well past our normal dinner time, but they both ate well and sat quite nicely throughout the meal. That is until after Punkin finished her meal and I made the rookie mistake of switching places with her, putting her in direct contact with my brother. Honestly, what was I thinking? I know better than that. So the questions begs: was I surprised by the events that followed? No, of course not.

First, my brother encourages Punkin to drink the remaining Coca-Cola out of the pitcher with a straw.

She obliges, of course, because she's obedient like that.

Then he says it's time for full tilt boogie chug-a-lug. What he actually said to her was, "What? Are you baby-sitting it or drinking it? Let's go, down the hatch!". This is the moment when I officially declared he is not allowed any type of contact with our daughters from the ages of 15 to 30.

Not enough fun for one sit down meal? Then it's on to paper straw wrapper target practice. It's fun for the whole family!

I'm so sorry, fellow Monical's patrons. I can only be held responsible for the actions of the little one. That big guy is someone else's problem.

Trouble, with a capital T. Together they can not be trusted. The world just isn't ready for this dynamic duo.


The MC said...

Sure sounds like it was fun, though!!! Besides, there's nothing better than a Monical's pizza!!

Tina said...

Love it! Poke is such a great uncle - teaching them all the bad things. I think you would be right, though, to keep him away during those crucial teenage years with comments like that!


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