Sunday, November 1, 2009

There's No Place Like Gotham City

Despite a big letdown after missing Friday's school celebration, I think we still managed to pull out a pretty awesome Halloween.

The wind was whipping and the temperatures were a bit chilly making picture taking difficult, but at least the sun was shining. I really couldn't complain about my frozen fingers or the fact that money spent on costumes was basically pointless since they were covered up with coats the entire time. I was just thrilled to not be walking through rain or overcast skies.

Batgirl decided she wanted to "fly" from house to house. That lasted about half of a block. The rest of our hour long house to house trick or treating involved constant prompts of "Come on, Punkin!" or "Give me your hand!" or "Watch out for cars - you can't walk in the middle of the street!".

Dorothy had the trick or treat process down like a pro, but I think she had as much fun handing out candy to other trick or treaters at Great Grama & Grapa's house as she did asking for candy for herself.

In addition to trick or treating on the far south side of town we visited with The General's extended family at Hamburgler's & Brownie Scout's house where Punkin's intake of a chocolate cupcake (with chocolate frosting for good measure) put her into a Code Red Sugar High. Shortcake's uncontrollable giggling indicated she was well on her way as well. Following that stop we loaded the two hopped-up-on-sugar children in Big Rocket and made a visit to Big Papa's. From there we then headed back into town for a surprise dinner at Dairy Queen where we were joined by the Seventh Heaven crew & Drmmr7 and also had a chance for a quick visit with Gilligan & Mary Ann's family.

So, a quick rundown for Shortcake: being fever free for the first time in four days; wearing ruby slippers and looking like one of the most authentic (and cutest) Dorothys I've certainly ever seen; all the candy your heart desires; sunshine; spending time with family; chocolate cupcakes with a juice box chaser; dinner with cousins at the Dairy Queen; free ice cream; falling asleep in the car within minutes.

Yes, I'd say from the eyes of this five year old, Halloween joy was certainly redeemed.


The MC said...

Shortcake and Punkin look great -- fabulous costumes!!!

you can call me al said...

We missed you MC!

KelNosz said...

I'm so happy the crud left in time for trick or treating. Your post on Friday broke my heart. :(

The girls looked adorable.

Anonymous said...

Well my little pretties, Gramma P checks in on you every day by reading Mommies blog. We are getting tanned as we sit on the beach alot. I think today we are going to pick up some shells, I will bring you some. I loved your costumes and by looking at the pictures I think Gunner had fun too!I thought Bat girl was suppose to wear black BUT I loved the pink. See you soon, Gramma P XoXo


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